jose+joseJose Jose is getting his own biopic!

This week Telemundo announced that Nicky Jam would be getting a series based on his life…but Jose Jose is also joining the list of celebs with a show like this.

The Mexican singer/songwriter’s series will be titled “Nace un Ídolo.”

José José’s story embodies a man’s journey to “reach the status of an idol — including fame and fortune — and the high price he had to pay to achieve his dreams.”

The series, produced by Telemundo Studios, highlights the passion and excitement that a superstar artist feels for his craft and the adoration of his fans. It also displays the frailty of the man coping with his addiction and its damaging effects such as almost losing his family, his voice and his life.

This one should also be REALLY good!! Telemundo is on a roll!

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