Daniel Bisogno Says Roma Actor Looks Like Thief

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.20.2019 - Televisión

Presentacion del programa de Television Azteca Raquel y Daniel en la Ciudad de Mexico.Daniel Bisogno said that Jorge Antonio Guerrero looks like an auto-parts thief.

The actor who plays Fermin had been denied a visa to enter the United States three times before he was approved and in “defending” him, the host said, “Que parezca ratero de autopartes no quiere decir que lo sea, es un gran actor.”

During the segment of Ventaneando, he also said Yalitza Apricio “se autointerpreto” in the film.

People were not happy with those comments and said they were derogatory, insulting, and he should be told he was wrong.

Daniel responded to the criticism and said, “Dejo en claro,para aquellos que no tienen notas, si alguien está orgulloso de lo qué pasa con Roma ese soy yo.Jamás he insultado a la señorita protagonista, jamás. Sin embargo siempre pelearé por la libertad de expresión, indispensable para subsistir como país,no me comparen nunca.”

Imagine if he hadn’t been proud of the film. What would he have said?

Quique Usales Joins Despierta America

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.20.2019 - Quique Usales

723560A6-02FE-40E0-9ACE-31854FEAA17AIt’s official, Quique Usales has joined Univision.

He will be the fashion critic for Despierta America.

His duties start very soon too! He will be covering who wears what for Premio Lo Nuestro.

Quique said he is very happy and this is a dream come true. He added that the only thing he is nervous about is to work with Alan Tacher again, after 10 years.

Noel Torres Undergoes Surgery

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.20.2019 - RegionalMex

0C092BD6-E3A5-4870-824D-40E4BF612071Noel Torres underwent a hip surgery.

He explained that when he was three years old he was diagnosed with an disease on his hipbone. He was discharged after a few weeks and never had issues again, until now.

His doctor gave him a 50/50 chance of being able to save his hipbone, if it fails, he’ll have to get a hip replacement.

The singer said he had faith and optimistic that things will go well.

Casa de las Flores Gets New Characters

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.19.2019 - Televisión

23C99E41-104D-4217-A53F-D4B0E4C66261The second season of La Casa de las Flores is coming with new faces.

Mariana Treviño, formerly of Club de Cuervos, will join the cast.

Also announced are María León, Eduardo Rosa, Loreto Peralta, the little girl of “Instructions Not Included”, Flavio Medina, Anabel Ferreira and Eduardo Casanova.

Producer Manolo Caro appears to have many ideas and surprises in mind for the upcoming season.

Sergio Goyri Insults Yalitza Aparicio

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.19.2019 - Chisme

DB3240A0-F78D-438B-8C7C-45EEB53EC630Sergio Goyri stuck his foot in his mouth and got caught.

Lupita Arreola, Sergio’s fiancee, was recording a video in what was an intimate dinner among friends. She then posted the video on social media.

What she didn’t realize, or maybe she did, was that part of what was in the video was Sergio calling Yalitza Aparicio a “p!nche india” who shouldn’t be nominated to the academy awards.

The video went viral immediately.

He was quick to post a video himself to apologize and say how deeply he regretted saying what he said. He also posted a message directly to Yalitza saying, “Mi querida Yalitza, muy apenado con usted dando la cara del error tan grande que cometi al externar un comentario totalmente fuera de lugar. Le pido mil disculpas, jamas fue con la intension de ofenderla…mil bendiciones de todo corazon. A sus ordenes.”

What does Yali have to say about this?

“Estoy orgullosa de ser una indígena oaxaqueña y me apena que haya personas que no sepan el significado correcto de las palabras”, was her only response.

She’s probably too busy prepping for the upcoming Oscars.

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