Hector Suarez Nasty Fall Forces Show Cancelations

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.27.2017 - Chisme

hector+suarezHector Suarez had to cancel his upcoming performances after suffering a nasty fall.

The actor dropped his daughter off at the airport and fell – causing a serious hematoma on his jaw.

He was rushed to the hospital and doctors advised him to take a few days off from work.

Hector had to pull the plug on a few shows he had scheduled…but sent a video straight from the hospital bed to apologize to his fans.

Antonio Banderas Confirms Heart Attack

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.27.2017 - Antonio Banderas

antonioAntonio Banderas has confirmed he had a heart attack.

The Spanish actor revealed he had three stents implanted to widen the narrowed arteries in his heart after the scare.

He also admitted he had suffered heart rhythm problems before being rushed to hospital on January 26 near his Surrey home while exercising.

And he said he had received a treatment called thermal ablation, which is generally performed under local anaesthetic and involves the application of heat to seal veins by burning them from inside.

Speaking at a film festival in Malaga after picking up an award, he confirmed: “I suffered a heart attack on January 26. It was a benign attack, it hasn’t caused any permanent damage and now I’m in a recovery period. It’s something that happens every day to a lot of people. I didn’t hide it, but I didn’t want it to receive more importance than those suffered by other people.”

He attributes his problems to the stress he has put his body under for almost four decades with his ‘addiction to work’ and constant traveling between his bases in the States and his native Spain.

Zuleyka Rivera Responds to Makeup Free Bullying

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.24.2017 - Zuleyka Rivera

zuleyka+riveraZuleyka Rivera is responding to bullying she got online.

The Puerto Rica Miss Universe had posted a pic without makeup a few days ago – to simply show that she had freckles.

She was bombarded with negative comments, mostly from other women, so she posted a video in response to the harsh criticisms.

She’s got a point.

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Aracely Arambula Launching Her Own Makeup Line

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.24.2017 - Aracely Arambula

aracely+arambulaAracely Arambula is coming out with her own makeup line.

The actress has started sharing details of her new business venture on social media.

The product is called Mimika by Aracely Arambula. She says that it’s “para todas las chicas que quieran cuidar su piel con un maquillaje proyector y que nutre la piel siempre pensando en nosotros.”

Aracely mentioned that the makeup will soon be sold online.

Jose Jose Confirms Pancreatic Cancer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.24.2017 - Jose Jose

jose+joseJose Jose has confirmed that he is facing pancreatic cancer.

He spoke with “Primera Hora” and said “Me esta creciendo un pequeño tumor canceroso en el páncreas, debido a esa situación estoy tan flaco. Los médicos me han dicho que estamos a tiempo para combatir el cáncer, por eso ya comenzamos con las primeras quimioterapia. Estoy entrando y saliendo del hospital.”

He also said that he has enough faith that he will come out of this just fine, adding “Estoy tranquilo, no es la primera enfermedad que me ha tocado enfrentar a lo largo de mi vida, son muchas las pruebas y Dios siempre me levanta esta no será la excepción, todo va salir bien.”

For weeks now, the singer’s family has been denying rumors, stories, and claims that he had fallen in.

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