Bad Bunny and Joss Favela in Forbes 30 Under 30

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Bad Bunny, RegionalMex

bad+bunnyBad Bunny and Joss Favela made it on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Both artists were included in the music category this year.

Bad Bunny was applauded for his mainstream success with the Cards B song ‘I Like It’ and for climbing the charts in the Latin music world.

Joss was highlighted for winning awards for his songwriting, including being the youngest person ever to win the ASCAP Composer of the Year award.

Two totally different genres…two complete rockstars!

Fabian Rios Reveals Baby Boy Name

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Fabian Rios

fabien+riosFabian Rios will soon be father of a baby boy and he is now revealing the name.

The actor updated his followers with the baby news saying “Les compartimos el nombre de nuestro #beberiosferreira por qué ustedes nos han demostrado respeto y cariño, por eso queremos que sean los primeros en saber, el nombre es: DAVID por su significado poderoso.”

David. A classic! We like it!

Itati Cantoral Will Launch YouTube Channel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Itati Cantoral

itatiItati Cantoral will soon launch a YouTube Channel.

It will be called “Maldita Lisiada”.

The name, of course, comes from her popular character, Soraya Montenegro.

It would be fun if the channel is done through the telenovela villain perspective.

Juan Gabriel Son Says Singer is NOT Alive

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Juan Gabriel

juanJuan Gabriel is NOT alive.

An apparent ex-manager of the legendary Mexican singer claims he faked his own death to escape publicity.

One of Juanga’s sons, Ivan Aguilera, however, told TMZ on Monday that the rumor is completely false and his dad is dead.

In an interview with a Mexican news outlet on Televisa, Joaquin Muñoz said Juanga was at home doing well and that he faked his own death.

He said the legendary singer was planning to come back into the spotlight sometime in December and he last saw him in July.

Juan Gabriel died of a heart attack in 2016 and a death certificate, obtained by TMZ, confirms the cause of death.

Ivan told TMZ that Muñoz’s story is fabricated and he was only spreading the rumor to draw publicity for his new book. He also said Muñoz was just a friend and never managed his father.

An attorney for the family told TMZ they are considering legal action against Muñoz.

Paola Rojas Breaks Silence About Her Marriage

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Chisme

paolaPaola Rojas is single and ready to mingle.

After the scandalous video of her then husband, Luís Roberto Alves “Zague”, came out, she had kept quiet about the status of her marriage .

Not anymore and she made it very clear.

“Yo sí estoy de vuelta en el mercado y sí, sí estoy soltera, de vuelta”, she said.

She also explained that the incident was very difficult on a personal and family level and that it was very tough to face the media.

From her declaration it seems like she’s passed it and ready to move on.

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