Sergio Mayer Will Not Support Son Financially

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2016 - Sergio Mayer

sergio+mayer+moriSergio Mayer is not going to foot the bills for his son.

This week it was revealed that his and Barbara Mori‘s teenage son got his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend pregnant.

Sergio Mayer Mori has decided to pull the plug on his quest for musical stardom to take care of the baby – and he better get to becoming responsible fast because his dad made it clear that he will not support him financially.

Sergio Sr told the press that he’ll give his son a stroller and organize a baby shower for the little one…but that’s it. He says Sergio Jr needs to be the one that provides for the new addition to the family.

We think that’s a good idea. If he’s man enough to get his girlfriend pregnant, then he should be man enough to maintain the kid.

Ariadne Diaz First Baby Pic is of His Feet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2016 - Ariadne Diaz

ariadneAriadne Diaz presented her baby to the world…but not really.

She shared the first pic of her son, Diego, but it doesn’t show much.

All the actress published for now are the little one’s feet.

Of course, the proud mom calls them the most beautiful feet in the world.

Joaquin Lopez-Doriga Stepping Down From El Noticiero on Televisa

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2016 - Televisión

jldJoaquin Lopez-Doriga is one of the most recognizable figures in Mexico.

The journalist revealed that he will step down from his nightly newscast on Televisa in August.

At the start of his broadcast on Monday, Joaquin announced that he would leave the show August 19. He then moved on to summarize the rest of the day’s headlines.

He has been host of the TV newscast since 2000. He said:

“Antes de empezar con la información esta noche, les quiero comunicar que el viernes 19 de agosto será la última noche que, después de más de 16 años, conduzca y dirija este noticiero. La verdad ha sido un viaje maravilloso desde aquel inicio de este milenio abril 2000.”

Gustavo Cerati Cheated on Girlfriend Months Before Falling Into Coma

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2016 - Gustavo Cerati

ceratiGustavo Cerati cheated on his girlfriend months before he fell into a coma…this according to a famous Chilean actress.

Catalina Pulido was on a show called “Intrusos” and she revealed that she and Gustavo had a fling back in 2009.

Even though he had a girlfriend at the time, the rocker apparently invited the actress back to his hotel room and, as Catalina said, “sang to her all night” – and she even went as far as to say that she was just another mistress.

Catalina laughed it off though by exclaiming that she doesn’t regret it.

Gustavo fell into a coma in 2010 after suffering an ischemic vascular stroke – and eventually died in 2014.

Shakira and Carlos Vives Go Bike Riding For New Video

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2016 - Carlos Vives, Shakira

shakira+carlos+vivesWouldn’t it be cool to see Shakira and Carlos Vives riding their bikes on the street??

That’s exactly what happened in Barranquilla when the two met up to shoot a new music video.

The song is called “La Bicicleta” and in the vid they ride around in bicycles.

The interesting part to this is that they actually rode around the city and people were shocked to see them – even chasing them for a photo.

Just another day at the office for these two.

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