Miguel Bose Feels an Obligation to Help Others

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.27.2015 - Miguel Bose

boseMiguel Bose feels he has an obligation to help others.

He says he is so fortunate that it only makes sense to help those that aren’t.

His words:

“If a human being has privileges in this life, then he should be there when he is called upon to help those that don’t have as much as us, to be able to build better lives for them, it’s a social obligation.”

Do you agree with Miguel or not so much??

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Colombian Miss Universe 1958 Congratulates New Colombian Miss Universe

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.27.2015 - Chisme

universeThe first Colombian Miss Universe, Luz Marina Zuluaga, congratulated the newly crowned Colombian Miss Universe Paulina Vega.

In a statement for the press, she said:

“Like any Colombian I am very happy that a Colombian has won, it was about time.”

Luz Marina was crowned Miss U in 1958.

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Emilio Estefan Not All About a Cuban Miss Universe

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.27.2015 - Emilio Estefan

emilioWhat an answer!!

Emilio Estefan served as a judge at the Miss Universe pageant and when he chatted with the press they asked if he would like to see a Miss Universe from Cuba.

Most would have said yes and bla bla bla…but not Emilio. He said:

“There are more important things than to have a woman come and represent Cuba. Finding peace and liberty in Cuba, that for me is more important.”

If only the Miss Universe contestants could answer their questions the same way!

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Picture Perfect at SAG Awards

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.27.2015 - Sofia Vergara

joe+sofiaSo damn picture perfect!!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello together at the SAG Awards.

She proudly showed off the engagement ring and he showed her off!

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Univision Acquires Rights to Miss Universe

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.26.2015 - Televisión

miss+universeWe all know Miss Colombia Paulina Vega won Miss Universe on Sunday night.

Her first television appearance on Monday morning was on Univision’s “Despierta America” – but, wait, the show aired on Telemundo…so what gives??!

Univision now has the rights for the Miss Universe show. No more Telemundo.

Next year we’ll all be seeing it on another network.

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