Zuleyka Rivera Gets Burned by Ex Boyfriend on Live TV

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.17.2017 - Zuleyka Rivera

zuleyka+riveraZuleyka Rivera‘s ex-boyfriend seems to have perfectly burned her with the right words on live television.

She was a guest on Wapa TV’s “Viva La Tarde” and the host of the show is her ex Jaime Mayol.

When Zuleyka came out from backstage she mentioned that Jaime was not as muscular when they dated back in 2009. She touched his biceps and his abs and said “Pero, tú como que estás más musculoso. Esto pa’ mis tiempos no existía.”

Jaime’s quickly responded with “Ya hay otra que se los está disfrutando” – to which everyone laughed at.

We wonder how long he’s been wanting to do that.

Chicharito and Camila Sodi Paris Kisses Caught on Video

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.17.2017 - Camila Sodi, Deportes

chicharitoIn case seeing pics of Chicharito and Camila Sodi kissing in Paris wasn’t enough…now there’s video.

“Hola” has released paparazzi footage of the two having a romantic time in France – sitting in a park, drinking hot chocolate, and locking lips.

Check out the vid

Oscar de la Renta Honored by US Postal Service With Stamps

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.17.2017 - Oscar De La Renta

oscarThe mail has just gotten more elegant.

The United States Postal Service is honoring the late Oscar de la Renta with a series of commemorative Forever stamps.

De la Renta, who passed away in 2014, was known for his sophisticated, glamorous aesthetic, and for dressing both celebrities and first ladies.

Sold as a pane of 11, the stamps includes one stamp featuring a black-and-white portrait of the designer accompanied by ten more highlighting vibrant details from his gowns.

“Our family and our company are profoundly honored that the U.S. Postal Service has chosen to memorialize Oscar de la Renta’s life and work with this series of beautiful stamps,” said Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta, in a statement. “Oscar was proud to be an American and this would have made him tremendously happy. To commemorate his personal version of the ‘American Dream’ with these stamps is a great honor for which we thank the U.S. Postal Service.”

Alejandro Fernandez May be Single Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.17.2017 - Alejandro Fernandez

potrilloIt appears that Alejandro Fernandez is once again single.

He posted a few messages on social media that left his fans wondering if he broke up with his girlfriend.

For example, he posted “Soltero en 14 de febrero…el que le entendio, le entendio” and “El 99% de mis calcetines no tienen pareja y no andan por ahí llorando.”

So, is he single?? Because we sure know plenty who will scoop him up!

Maria Elena Salinas Puts Miami Mansion For Sale

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.17.2017 - Maria Elena Salinas

maria+elena+salinasMaria Elena Salinas has put her home on sale.

The Miami mansion is up for grabs for 3.5 million dollars.

The Univision news icon purchased the five-bedroom, five-bath house in 2001 for a mere 230,000 dollars but has since renovated it completely.

It’s unknown if she is leaving Miami or just finding a new home in the South Florida city.

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