Emily Estefan Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Girlfriend

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2017 - Gay, The Estefans

emily+estefanEmily Estefan is celebrating one year with her girlfriend.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan‘s daughter posted a polaroid image of her girl on Instagram with a beautifully-worded message about celebrating their one-year anniversary.

She said “One beautiful spin around the sun by your side. One complete Circle. And each circle that follows, will be formed around the last, creating the fiercest and fastest growing bond…Happy anniversary to my delicate, bold, intelligent, important, honest, loving, funny (but not funnier than me), brave, compassionate, patient, badass, talented, and the most beautiful… Moon Flower.
I love you. One circle exquisitely sealed in time forever. Cheers to many more, and tons more laughing.”

Happy anniversary!

Chiquis Rivera Starting Fertility Treatments Soon

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2017 - Chiquis Rivera

chiquisChiquis Rivera is looking into fertility treatments very soon.

A friend of Chiquis is undergoing fertility treatments to have a better chance of having kids in the future and she informed her followers. – which includes Chiquis – about the process.

The response from Jenni Rivera’s daughter left plenty of her fans surprised.

Chiquis commented that she would be “doing this soon” and that she was inspired.

Her boyfriend, Lorenzo Mendez, has kids that she has spent time with, but it looks like she definitely wants to have kids of her own.

Jose Jose Wife Denies Separation Rumors

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2017 - Jose Jose

jose+jose+wife+esposaAre Jose Jose and his wife separated??

She talked to “Primera Hora” and denied the rumors of their split. She said “Soy su esposa legal y estoy esperando que se recupere, para cuidarlo.”

The truth is that she is not in Mexico City where JJ is getting treatment – but she says that it’s all due to doctors orders. She explained “Mi médico no recomienda que vaya a México porque la altura puede afectar mi condición de salud… Sufrí un derrame cerebral hace unos años.”

She added that she has everything decorated for Christmas in hopes that he gets to come home.

Ana Layevska Becomes a Mom

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2017 - Ana Layevska

ana+layevskaAna Layevska is a mom!

The actress just announced she gave birth to a healthy baby girl – though we should point out that the birth actually took place on December 9th.

Ana and her husband named their first child Masha.

Welcome to this crazy world, Masha!

Mexican Sad Newlyweds Go Viral

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2017 - Chisme

sad+mexico+weddingA video of a sad couple getting married in Mexico has gone viral.

It seems it’s am arranged wedding that neither the groom or the bride want any part in.

The vid has gone viral with people noticing the lack of enthusiasm from the couple and how reluctant they are to even kiss each other. She’s definitely less into it than he is – but neither is clearly comfortable with the situation.

Many are criticizing the tradition of arranged marriages in certain parts of the country, especially at such a young age.

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