Maite Perroni on if She Sides With William Levy or Juan Osorio

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.20.2018 - Maite Perroni, Niurka Marcos, William Levy

maite+perroniIs Maite Perroni Team Juan or Team William??

We told you about Juan Osorio and William Levy‘s fight – Juan called William ungrateful for turning his back on telenovelas…then William called him a “productor de bajo grado” and that he would never work with Juan.

It’s more than obvious that Niurka Marcos sided with Juan, but what does Maite have to say? She has worked with both Juan and William and was asked what she thought about the situation.

Maite answered “A mí no me gusta meterme en problemas ajenos. ¿Yo qué puedo opinar? Es que yo no tengo ningún problema con ninguno entonces como no es un tema mío prefiero no opinar.”

Good answer. Best to stay out of it.

Niurka Marcos Calls William Levy Stupid Without Talent

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2018 - Niurka Marcos, William Levy

niurkaNiurka Marcos is attacking William Levy for what he said about Juan Osorio.

A quick backstory…Juan called William ungrateful for turning his back on telenovelas…then William called him a “productor de bajo grado” and that he would never work with Juan.

Niurka was asked what she thought of this and called William “estúpido sin talento”. She also made mention that William only became famous after he exposed his naked body in transparent underwear for all to see his junk.

Niurka also said that she is the only person that can talk to Juan that way and ended with the threat “en México a las personas malagradecidas se les desaparece”.

Adrian Marcelo Fired For Laura Zapata Interview

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2018 - Laura Zapata

adrian+marceloAdrian Marcelo, host of SNSerio, has been fired.

The network Multimedios has let him go after the interview he had with Laura Zapata in which she walked out.

They were chatting on the show and made a bet about Juan Gabriel being alive or not – and then they were discussing the punishment.

Adrian said she should do the #ThaliaChallenge if she loses.

Laura got upset and walked off the set.

Adrian received notice that he was getting the boot. He let his followers know on Twitter saying “Debido a lo ocurrido con @LAURAZAPATAM anoche en #SNSerio, @multimediostv ha decidido prescindir de mis servicios. Ha sido un placer y no tengo más que agradecimiento por estos cinco años. Es una lástima, no diré que no y solo espero extraer el aprendizaje de este suceso.”

What does Laura have to say about this??

Natalia Lafourcade Clears Up Attitude Face at Maluma

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2018 - Maluma, Natalia Lafourcade

natalia+lafourcadeNatalia Lafourcade is clarifying that face!

The singer-songwriter became a viral meme when the camera panned to her during Maluma‘s acceptance speech and she gave him this look. While everyone was applauding and smiling, she was serious and giving attitude.

Natalia is now explaining her face, saying “A Maluma que no se crea nada que anden diciendo porque respeto su trabajo y siempre hago caritas. A mis colegas compositores y artistas quiero decirles que me llenan de inspiración y es una delicia encontrarnos en Vegas cada que se puede.”

So,s she’s saying that the face wasn’t directed at Maluma?? Or is she trying to save face since the camera caught her in the act??

Karol G and Anuel AA Confirm Relationship With Kiss on Stage

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2018 - Anuel AA, Karol G

karol+g+anuelKarol G and Anuel AA are an item!

It has been speculated for a few weeks now that they two are together…and now they are confirming it.

The two shared a kiss on stage in front of all of the fans, driving everyone nuts.

A Reggaeton power couple!

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