Laura Leon Reveals Love of Her Life Died Last Year

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Laura Leon

laura+leonLaura Leon has revealed that the love of her life died last year.

In an interview for ‘Sale el Sol’ she opened up about her deceased boyfriend – saying he passed away of a heart attack.

Laura admits that she still can’t get over the death and doesn’t have eyes for anyone else, saying “No tengo ojos para nadie, no quiero volver ni me nace tampoco todavía, ese amor esta alimentado adentro todavía tesoritos me hizo tan feliz, todavía no se me pasa.”

She added “Una persona tan educada, tan agradable, desde un principio me llamó la atención, me invitó a comer, después me invitó a cenar y así estuvimos haciendo una relación tan bonita tesoros, tan bonita que va hacer muy difícil, volver a tener algo tan bello en mi vida.”

That’s tough.

Thalia Gets Gold Album for No Me Acuerdo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Musica, Natti Natasha, Thalia

thaliaThalia and Natti Natasha‘s smash hit was just certified with gold.

The Mexican singer was thrilled to announce Sony Music had sent her the recognition from the high sales of “No Me Acuedro” in her home country.

She thanked her fans, Natti, of course, and everyone who was involved in the project.

Jennifer Lopez Remembers Aretha Franklin With Video Performance of Respect

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Jennifer Lopez

jloJennifer Lopez paid tribute to Aretha Franklin upon hearing of her passing.

JLo published a video of herself singing ‘Respect’ at one of her shows.

The Puerto Rican singer said “I don’t know of an artist alive today who hasn’t been inspired by Aretha Franklin… she gave voice to the most important declaration for women of our time and even today it’s more relevant than ever… RESPECT… Rest in peace Queen.”


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Sherlyn Starts New Romance

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Sherlyn

sherlynSherlyn has been single for a few months now after she and Francisco Zea broke off their engagement, but that could change soon.

She was recently spotted holding hands and being lovey dovey with Jose Luis Ortega of Rio Roma.

She hasn’t denied or admitted anything, but in the words of Juan Gabriel, “lo que se ve, no se pregunta.”

Nothing wrong with giving love another chance.

Ivonne Montero Writes Tweet To Murdered Ex

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - RIP

ivonneIvonne Montero wrote a tweet to Fabio Melanitto, her ex husband and father of her daughter.

“..sólo agradecerte lo mejor de mi vida.. ella siempre ha sabido de ti.. empezarás a conocer el hermoso angelito que es.. Dios te guarde Fabio..”

She shared the message with photos of their daughter.

What a difficult situation.

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