Lourdes Stephen Returns To Univision

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2018 - Lourdes Stephen

lsLourdes Stephen is returning to Univision.

She left the network at the beginning of the year, and since, she’d been spending a lot of family time.

She was asked back to the network for a “Aqui Entre Nos”, a series of interviews with music icons. The first one is, appropriately, Vicente Fernandez.

She traveled to don Chente’s ranch in Mexico to chat with the legendary singer to kick off the specials that will be leading to the 2018 Latin Grammy awards.

It is unknown if she will be back with Univision for other shows or if she is just back for this limited series.

Lionel Messi’s Life Goes to Cirque Du Soleil

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2018 - Deportes

lmLionel Messi‘s life has inspired many on and off the soccer field.

So much that Cirque du Soleil said they will be launching a new show in 2019 based on his life.

Leo expressed his excitement and said, “It feels both crazy and incredible that Cirque du Soleil will create a show based on my life, my passion, my sport. Cirque du Soleil is a family favorite of ours. I have no doubt this show will amaze people as their shows always do.”

The CEO of Sony Music Latin, Afo Verde, who has partnered up in the project said Leo Messi inspires the world with his outstanding talent not only in every game he plays but also with his deeply human qualities.

Dates and tour information will be available soon.

Barack Obama Declares Himself a Fan of J Balvin

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2018 - J Balvin

pbojbJ Balvin has an unexpected fan.

During an even in Las Vegas to promote voting, President Barack Obama asked the audience “Who doesn’t love J Balvin and reggaeton?” before the singer got on stage to perform.

The crowd cheered as he said he was backstage jamming and was thankful the cameras didn’t catch him doing so.

We would love if there was actual footage of President Obama dancing reggaeton though! Who would’ve thought he liked the genre?

Bad Bunny Responds to Teacher That Bashed Him For His Lyrics

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2018 - Bad Bunny

bad+bunnyBad Bunny has responded to a teacher that has recently come down hard on him for his lyrics.

An educator in Puerto Rico wrote an open letter directed at Bad Bunny and it has gone viral. In her message, she states that she can’t fully teach her students since they listen to his lyrics which include vulgarities. She also mentions the unbalanced salary of a teacher versus a music star.

She said “”¿Como logro yo inspirar a mis estudiantes a que estudien? ¿Como? Cuando en este mundo de fantasía virtual y relaciones electrónicas lo ven a usted como un dios. ¿Como es que yo como maestra después de años de estudios apenas logro pagar mis cuentas, mientras usted por rimar palabras obscenas gana millones?”

She added “No me mal interprete, no le deseo mal al contrario pero es frustrante no poder conciliar el sueño porque mientras yo trato de construir mentes siento que por otro lado usted las destruye”.

The artist responded with his own open letter titled “Bad Bunny no es el secretario de educación”.

He says that he was a class clown who listened to reggaeton – and, despite all of that, he still got good grades.

He does, however, admit that he is not proud of some of his lyrics – but calls her inept for not being able to fulfill her job regardless of what her students listen to.

Rosie Rivera Works Out in the Middle of an Airport

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2018 - Rosie Rivera

rosieRosie Rivera is on a fitness mission…even if it means exercising in the most strangest of places.

She was at the airport in Mexico City – when she decided that it was time to tone it up.

Rosie got to doing cardio exercises in the middle of a waiting area in the airport.

Hey, burning calories before taking to the skies?? Why not??

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