Roy Rosello Claims Ricky Martin Dressed as Girl For Menudo Founder

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2014 - Ricky Martin

roy+roselloRoy Rosello continues to talk about the alleged sexual abuse he suffered as a member of Menudo at the hands of Edgardo Díaz, the founder of the group.

This time he mentions former Menudo members Ricky Martin and Robi Draco Rosa.

He said:

“They had a party at a mansion in Puerto Rico, and when I arrived someone told me to go see Edgardo in his room. I never told my family, I was ashamed. At the time, Edgardo was very powerful, he had many lawyers. At that party, when I arrived to the room, I saw Ricky Martin dressed like a girl. I called Robi and he came in and punched Edgardo while I ran out of there. I got to the street and fell to the ground praying for a car to hit me.”

Wonder what Ricky and Draco have to say about this.

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Elizabeth Peña Died of Alcohol Abuse

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2014 - RIP

elizabeth+penaSo tragic.

Elizabeth Peña died from complications from alcohol abuse.

According to the death certificate, she suffered from cirrhosis of the liver “due to alcohol.”

TMZ states the death certificate says the 55-year-old had acute gastrointestinal bleeding hours before her death, which caused her heart to stop.

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Aldo Sarabia’s Wife Apparently Confesses to Murder and Provides Details

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2014 - RegionalMex, RIP

aldo+sarabia+recodoNew information in the murder of Aldo Sarabia of Banda El Recodo.

As we said, his wife and another man, her lover of four months, are the prime suspects in his death.

Apparently they have confessed to the murder and shared the sickening details about how they did it.

According to reports, the day of the crime Aldo came home and invited his wife out to eat. They both hopped in the truck, but what Aldo didn’t know was that her lover was hiding in the back – jumping out and shooting him in the neck.

There is talk that Aldo’s body was later dragged and buried and was only discovered after his grown kids suspected that their own mother committed the crime.

Literally unbelievable.

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Jennifer Lopez Offered Multimillion Dollar Las Vegas Deal

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2014 - Jennifer Lopez

jennifer+lopezAnother multimillion dollar deal for Jennifer Lopez…this time in Las Vegas.

Planet Hollywood wants to pay her 350 thousand dollars per show so she’ll install herself at their hotel and put on 72 concerts over the course of two years.

That means she’ll earn over 26 million dollars in just two years!!!

It really rains money for her, huh?!

If she signs that contract, we’ll be there to see her live in Vegas!

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Farruko Talks About His Album Los Menores Track by Track

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2014 - Farruko

farrukoWe are only days away from the release of the most anticipated album of the season, Farruko‘s “Los Menores.”

Fortunately, we got some inside information from the artist himself about all of the track on the album.

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