Rebeka Zebrekos Claims TV Azteca Fired Her For Not Showing Skin

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Chisme

rebecaJournalist Rebeka Zebrekos says she was fired for not showing skin.

The former host of “Los Protagonistas” claims that TV Azteca executives gave her the boot because she refused to be more sexy on the show.

She says everything started great on the show. She gave real sports news and was being taken seriously, but then things changed.

Gone were the stories about sports stats and instead she was asked to host segments on frivolous pieces, like the hottest soccer players. She says she was also given a different chair to sit at, which elevated her to show more of her thighs – along with skimpier wardrobe.

Rebeka states one of her bosses called her in to the office and told her she was fired for refusing to wear the more provocative clothing and that they would be finding younger host willing to show their body.

Paolo Botti XXX Pics Leak Online

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Chisme

Paolo+bottiFormer “La Academia” contestant Paolo Botti had some XXX pics leak online.

He apologizes for the photos, showing his junk, and asks his fans to help him shut down the Twitter handle that initially shared the pics.

Something interesting to point out…Paolo gave a statement saying the pictures have been manipulated and then proceeds to apologize again. We’re not sure what he means, but people are congratulating him on the size of his goods.

Paolo has had little success as a singer, so this might not be a bad boost to get back in the spotlight.

Julian Gil Victory in Court on Child Visits

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Julian Gil

julianA victory for Julian Gil in the battle over his son with Marjorie De Sousa.

A judge has ruled that the actor can see his son without supervision.

According to “Shanik en Fórmula”, Julian doesn’t have to visit his son in indicated family centers – he can now choose where he spends time with his little one.

This could be a sign that legal decisions over baby Matias could start favoring Julian.

Enrique Guzman Reveals Silvia Pinal Wanted to Abort Alejandra Guzman

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Alejandra Guzman, Silvia Pinal

silvia+pinal+alejandra+guzmanEnrique Guzman gave a shocking revelation about Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzman on “Hoy.”

He said Silvia was going to abort Alejandra when she was pregnant with her.

The actor commented “Cuando estaba Silvia embarazada de Alejandra quiso abortar, pero no se lo permití. Le dije: ‘vamos a casarnos, vamos a hacer lo que sea, pero la niña tiene que nacer’.”

Enrique mentioned that he has never been OK with abortions.

Did Silvia give him the OK to share this??

Ingrid Coronado Photoshop Blunder Equals Embarrassment

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Chisme

ingridIngrid Coronado was not careful in what she posted online, and now she’s getting the backlash for it.

The TV host put up a pic on the set of her show – and fans immediately noticed that her elbow looked dislocated.

Ingrid obviously altered the image – presumable to have a smaller waist – and her followers are not liking it. Many are saying they are disappointed that she would try and sell them a false image of who she really is.

Maybe she’s double jointed!! Yeah.

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