Juanes and Juan Gabriel Record Together

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.30.2014 - Juan Gabriel, Juanes

juan+gabriel+juanesCan someone say EPIC??!

Juan Gabriel and Juanes recording together!

The Mexican singer-songwriter invited the Colombian singer-songwriter to collaborate on a song we desperately want to hear immediately!

What do Juan Gabriel and Juan Esteban have in store for us???

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Cristina Saralegui Talks About Son’s Suicide Attempt

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.30.2014 - Cristina Saralegui

cristina+saraleguiCristina Saralegui has no qualms about keeping it real and open anymore.

She recently admitted to having an alcohol problem and now the host – who’s back on Univision – is giving details about her youngest son.

She shares that he is bipolar and tried to kill himself by jumping off the fifth story of a building.

Cristina says she sent him to a clinic to treat him and was without her son for two years…essentially driving her to drink whiskey hard.

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Luis Miguel Forced to Postpone Show Because of Weather

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.30.2014 - Luis Miguel

luis+miguelLuis Miguel had to make some changes to his schedule this week.

On Wednesday night he was supposed to kick off a consecutive two-night performance in Cordoba, Argentina – but he had to cancel and change the days to Thursday and Friday instead.

Due to weather, he couldn’t fly from Buenos Aires to Cordoba for the performances.

He was supposed to have Friday off but now he’ll have to sing four nights in a row without rest.

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Maluma Upsets Venezuelan Authorities by Waving Flag Upside Down

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.30.2014 - Maluma

malumaMaluma made a mistake that has many people talking.

At a concert in Valencia, someone threw the Venezuelan flag at him so he grabbed it and wrapped it on his shoulders. He then waved it…upside down.

Venezuelan authorities are seeing this as disrespect and are investigating the incident – but Maluma swears that it was a simple mistake and when he realized it was upside down he flipped it and waved it the right way.

The Colombian singer said Venezuela will always be his second home.

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Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, and J Balvin Add Second Leg of US Tour

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.30.2014 - Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Pitbull

enrique+iglesias+pitbullBack at it!!

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull are adding a second US arena tour leg – by popular demand!

Once again featuring J Balvin as the opening act.

This was definitely one of the hottest tours of the year and now the second set of concert dates begin in January 2015.

CLICK HERE to see the dates and cities!

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