Alfonso Herrera Now a Father

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.27.2016 - Alfonso Herrera

alfonsoherreraAlfonso Herrera is now a father!!!

The former singer and now actor has revealed on Instagram that his baby was born. The message was simple…”Bienvenido.”

Congrats!! The RBD gang is all grown up!

Pilar Montenegro Not Wheelchair Bound Proven in Pics

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.27.2016 - Pilar Montenegro

pilarPilar Montenegro seems to be doing just fin.

There have been stories about her health deteriorating – some even saying that she is bound to a wheelchair.

However, journalist Jessica Maldonado posted photos that prove that Pilar is doing much better than that.

Here we see her posing with a big smile with Sergio Mayer. We certainly hope that the rumors are just that…rumors.

Juan Gabriel Secret Son Speaks to Univision

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.27.2016 - Juan Gabriel

juangabrielhijosecretoJuan Gabriel had a secret son??

Univision has released a story introducing a son that the singer supposedly had with a housekeeper of his.

The network interviewed Luis Alberto Aguilera, a 26-year-old man that lives in Nevada.

Univision is using a birth certificate, pics of the two together, letters from Juanga, and a deed to a house with his name on it as proof.

Luis Alberto told Univision:

“Entendí que era importante mantener un anonimato por protección. Cuando era más chico fue bueno poder vivir y crecer normal, pero después siento que fue poniendo mi vida en pausa. Me quedé como en el limbo.”

Luis Alberto says he respected his father’s decision to keep everything a secret even though he longed to meet his siblings.

“Yo siempre quise conocerlos y que ellos supieran de mí, platicar con ellos, tener algún tipo de contacto, pero la decisión de mi papá fue que no.”

Jessica Carrillo Cohosting Don Francisco Te Invita

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.27.2016 - Televisión

jessicacarrilloDon Francisco won’t be alone when he debuts his new show!

Jessica Carrillo will be cohosting with him on “Don Francisco Te Invita.”

She is also a reporter on “Al Rojo Vivo” and fills in for Maria Celeste Arraras when she’s not there – so Jessica certainly has her plate full.

We think it’s smart to have her alongside DF. She’ll add the young and female touch to things.

Alicia Machado Fights Donald Trump in Hillary Clinton Ad

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.27.2016 - Alicia Machado

aliciamachadodonaldtrumpAlicia Machado fights back!!

Shortly after being name dropped at the first presidential debate by Hillary Clinton, this commercial ran to show exactly what happened with Donald Trump calling Alicia “Miss Piggy” and ‘Miss Housekeeping.”

It is an extremely debilitating ad to Donald’s relations with the Latino community and women overall.

Revenge for Alicia must be tasting good right about now.

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