jencarlosJencarlos Canela as Jesus Christ.

You read that right! Fox announced that JC will play JC in the upcoming two-hour musical event “The Passion.”

They say it’s a modern interpretation of the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life, a period that includes the Last Supper, his betrayal by Judas, his trial by Pontius Pilate and subsequent crucifixion and resurrection. The events will be interpreted through passages from the Bible as well as a variety of popular music.

Another Latino also forms part of this project. Prince Royce has been cast as the disciple Peter.

“The Passion” is airing live on Palm Sunday, March 20, from New Orleans. The event will take place at several well-known New Orleans locations and feature hundreds of people carrying a 20-foot, illuminated cross from just outside the Superdome to the banks of the Mississippi River.

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