The coming together of Shakira and Gerard Pique isn’t just good for the tabloids…it’s also beneficial for kids!


Shaki and Pique have united the foundations Pies Descalzos and Fundación FC Barcelona, to help and inspire 28 thousand youths.

The global alliance is called “Fútbol para el desarrollo de la juventud y la vida sana”, and it will focus on providing recreation and sports for at-risk kids in Colombia and Miami.

Shakira says that Gerard has helped her understand the importance of sports in a child’s life. She said:

“With Gerard I have learned all about soccer and I have learned what it signifies to a kid when he is in a contact with the sport at an early age. How it helps to develop the aptitude of a child, how to respect the rules, discipline, tolerance, the desire to reach a goal, cherishing your dreams and making them come true.”

We find this combo pretty amazing!!

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