Dining it and partying it up!

Shakira and a group of 9 friends including her boyfriend, Gerard Pique arrived to Zuma Miami at midnight for a late night dinner.

Shaki and Gerry were extremely lovey-dovey and affectionate with each other.

The couple were the last to leave the restaurant at 2 AM. Later, they were seen letting loose and getting close during a PDA-heavy visit to Mokai Monday night, dancing closely and making out passionately for all to see, with Pique spraying Moet Rose on the crowd.

In case you’re wondering, Shaki and company ate ribs, prawn and black cod dumplings, spicy beef tenderloin, King Crab, O-Toro Sashimi, sweet corn and rock shrimp among many other dishes.

They work hard on stages and soccer fields…they deserve to let loose!

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