salmaSalma Hayek says life under President Trump is like living in a “parallel universe of disinformation.”

“I find it really interesting how he constantly accuses people of the things he does. Crooked Hillary — he’s not crooked?” the “Frida” actress says in an interview with DuJour for the magazine’s spring issue.

“Liar! He kept saying she was one, but then he was lying all the time. It’s terrifying,” exclaims the vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 presidential race.

“What do the supporters see? Every day the lies are being explained with facts, and then he says the press lied, and it’s like a parallel universe of disinformation,” Salma says in the interview.

Despite her feelings about the commander in chief, she says she’s not giving up.

“I stay hopeful because I believe the best teacher in the world is your mistakes. Maybe we will learn a lot from what is happening. I really do think things have to go a little bit south for people to come together and bounce back in a better way.”

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