rosie+riveraRosie Rivera has contradicted herself and many are calling her a hypocrite. She is now trying to clear that up.

When boxer Manny Pacquiao said he was against gays and even went as far as to say they should be killed, Rosie jumped on the bandwagon and, even though she said she doesn’t agree with him, she does support him for standing his ground.

Well, a few weeks later she attended a wedding between two women – one being her friend Elena. Many of her followers pointed that out to her – and Rosie is responding by saying she was wrong for going.

She says she shouldn’t have gone to the wedding and said she will not attend any other gay wedding in the future.

She flip flops some by saying she loves her gay friends, family, and employees – but Rosie makes it clear she doesn’t support their lifestyle.

to hear her words!

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