jose+fernandezMaria Arias is still grieving the loss of Jose Fernandez, and even though she said that she’ll never recover from the tragedy, baby Penelope has brought her immense joy already.

Nearly five months to the day since Jose’s boating accident led to his death, the Miami Marlins pitcher’s girlfriend is finally speaking out about her painful loss — AND the joy their newborn baby daughter Penelope has brought her in the wake of his passing.

The now-single mother told “People” magazine that she and the little angel are “both healthy and doing well.”

But best of all, Maria gushed that the newborn has “brought a lot of light and joy to our lives.” And while Maria, who was living with Jose at the time of his death back in September, did admit that Penelope’s arrival “has not taken any of the pain away of course, because that’s always going to remain,” she explained that the little girls has “definitely brightened up our lives.”

“A lot of people were anticipating her arrival, because at the end of the day, it’s a little piece of him that he left behind for us,” Maria said.

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