ivonne+fabioFabio Melanitto, of Pop group UFF, was shot and killed in Mexico City, and his ex-wife, Ivonne Montero, was informed by phone on live TV.

As we told you, the Venezuelan singer was murdered just outside of his apartment building in CDMX when an armed man approached him and gunned him down.

Ivonne was called by entertainment show ‘Sale el Sol’ and told about the tragic news. Ivonne said “¿Cómo? ¿Cómo fue, qué paso? ¡Ay! Gracias, hermosa, gracias, mami. Voy a colgar.”

Ivonne and Fabio married in 2011 and quickly divorced within the year – she claimed that he cheated on her. They had a daughter together, named Antonella, but Ivonne would often say that Fabio abandoned them and failed to help out financially. To make matters worse, Antonella was born with heart issues so she has seen her fair share of hospital surgery rooms.

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Ivonne was asked about Fabio and she said she wanted nothing to do with him.

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