Giselle Blondet‘s mother, Alba Gómez, has passed away.

The TV personality asked for prayers a few days ago when her mother was hospitalized, but alas we received an email confirming that her mom has died.

Giselle wrote:

“My mom, my best friend, my great love, my support and the light of my life left a few hours ago, surrounded by the love of our family. I am so grateful with God because all of us that loved her, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, everyone, we were able to accompany her until her final seconds. I want to thank the public, my colleagues and my friends in the media that joined in prayers for her, and I feel that God made his decision and those prayers made the last moments peaceful, tranquil, and full of absolute love. It’s never more necessary to believe that Heaven exists than during the loss of a mother, and in my case I am at peace because I feel God very close and I know that my mom and I will be together once again.”

Beautiful words.

We love you, Gigi. Our condolences to your entire family.

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