cynthia+navaira+escobarEmilio Navaira‘s ex-wife shared a touching message about the unexpected death of the Tejano singer. She wrote:

“What is one to say when your heart is broken into a million billion pieces. Emilio and I were high school sweethearts , he was my first Love, we got married and together we have 3 beautiful , amazing , Loving & talented children , Emilio NavairaIV , Diego Roman Navaira & Emely Ann Navaira . Although our marriage didn’t work out Emilio and I continued to be great friends and still were a family. Sometimes in life things don’t work out as you plan, or would of wanted It to. I truly believe in forgiveness and taught my children early on that forgiveness is Key to happiness , And God the center of our lives. In life you make the best of it especially for “Love” In our case for the love of our children. Yesterday a piece of our broken hearts went with him”

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