pirataMore information has been released on El Pirata de Culiacan.

The famous social media figure was killed a few days ago at a bar that he was promoting.

New details have emerged since the murder.

First, he was only 17 years old – much younger than his fans thought he was.

His body at first went officially unidentified because his family could not afford to travel to where he died – it wasn’t until an aunt made the trip that he was officially confirmed dead by the coroner.

El Pirata had a sad upbringing. Aside from coming from a very poor family, his mother abandoned him when he was a child and he eventually left his grandmother’s care to look for opportunities.

He was shot 18 times. The fatal wounds being on his cranium and face.

As we already reported, the Instagram star was presumably killed for a video that he posted when he was drunk – insulting ‘El Mencho’ – the leader of the El Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación.

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