Anahi.jpgOur inbox has been inundated with emails from concert-goers loving the AMOR a la Musica concert in Miami. Well, they didn’t love everything but we will talk about the good stuff first.

Ricky Martin was apparently the best performance followed closely by Olga Tañon. People are praising these two for putting on an incredible show (and speaking of show, Olga is now showing a little belly). Fonseca, David Bisbal, and Alejandro Sanz were also crowd favorites.

Now on to the bad (or the really good part, depending on how you look at it). People have been writing left and right to Latin Gossip saying that RBD sucked! Here are some verbatims:

“I realize now that they have no talent”

“They are only good for commercial purposes, because they cannot sing.”

“I wanted them off the stage. They almost ruined my day.”

Ouch. Even worse, inside sources are saying that RBD’s management and handlers are evil and rude. They were yelling and making fun of fans and treating everyone in a wretched manner.

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