Fidel Rueda has had an amazing music career. He started with a local band playing at neighborhood parties, then recorded several albums with another band, and finally became a solo artist.

Songs like “No Puedo Perdonarte,” “Y Tú Qué Harías,” “Blanca Paloma,” “Más Que Amor,” “Y Hubo Alguien,” “Y Aunque Te Duela” and “Me Encantaría” have made him one of the most admired and loved singer-songwriters in Regional Mexican music.

He’s now releasing his new production “Sinaloense Hasta las Cachas,” an album that includes 10 songs, four of them penned by him, two by Horacio Palencia and four covers.

The single “Tu Ya Eres Cosa del Pasado” is already a top 10 hit on the music charts.

Fidel stopped by Acceso Total to chat all about the new album. You can’t miss this extraordinary interview!

Sinaloense Hasta Las Cachas” is now available on or any of our stores nationwide!

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