RBD RBD, the latin pop band made up of six actors, is so big that they landed themselves on the cover of the Life section of USA Today. What started out as a telenovela about an elite high school group of students dealing with regular teenage drama has turned out to be a huge success in the music industry as well.

RBD has earned $14.8 million for 24 shows reported to Billboard Boxscore this year, including a March date at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that packed in 63,000 fans. We have the band (selling) 5 million units worldwide. they have over 300 products that are licensed: badges, ties, purses, calendars.

USA Today titled the cover story as RBD stand for Latin pop phenomenon. I think it stands for “Really Bad Deal”, or “Ridiculously Boring Dweebs”, or “Raking Big Dough”.

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