Paulina Rubio3.jpgPaulina Rubio is not new to being followed and hounded by paparazzi. She usually talks to them and has her picture taken, and at most she will ignore the cameras silently or run away. She has the right to do that people.

There was an altercation at Miami International Airport where a paparazzo tried to snap a picture of Paulina and put the ‘chica dorada’ in a bit of danger in order to do so. Paulina did what any sensible person would do in danger – she supposedly grabbed her purse and hit the photog with it.

Again, Paulina has been dealing with paparazzi for many years and this is the first big story to come out depicting Paulina as a paparazzi beater. She must have been provoked and really put in a tight spot for her to react this way. Check out the official press release by Paulina’s representatives after jump.

Paulina understands and respects the roll of paparazzi in the media and in the entertainment business. And Paulina will always make an effort to give them the photo opportunity they seek. There are certain times when circumstances do not permit this. There are also times when the aggression of the paparazzis is intimidating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are no laws that protect the privacy of a celebrity in a public place.

The aggression at Miami Airport yesterday morning was so intense that it became a terrifying situation where Paulina was actually overpowered and injured by a photographer in an effort to get the photo.

We would welcome a dialogue with the media and the paparazzi in an effort to try to define some clearer guidelines for acceptable tactics and behavior

In the future, we will make extra effort to insure the safety of our client.

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