amd_paquitaJust when we think we’ve had enough of this story, she does or says something so out of place that we have to mention on our site.

Tuesday was a big day for Paquita La Del Barrio.

First, her interview with Raul De Molina aired on TV and she blamed the whole anti-gay adoption fiasco on the Escandalo TV reporter who interviewed her and also said that she was tired when she responded.

Does she think our IQ is as low as hers??

She then held a press conference in a gay club in Mexico but turned it into a concert by performing several songs instead, leaving everyone wondering what was going on.

Paquita did give a brief apology but it certainly wasn’t heartfelt. She did cry but that doesn’t mean a thing.

Plus, she kept on referring to homosexuals as ‘them’. THEM!

Anyway, we hope this is the end of this Paquita drama! We can do without her for some time!

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