Latin Spotlight : Eduardo Verastegui

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.19.2006 - Chisme

Eduardo Verastegui 1It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. Time for Latin Spotlight. This week we bring you Eduardo Verastegui, a Mexican actor, model, and singer who disappeared for a few years but is back on the attack like a Big Mac snack..pack..ack. Sorry, back to Eduardo. Like many Latin actors, he got his start in novelas but eventually moved to Hollywood to make feature films.

Eduardo Verastegui His prime was in 2002-03 when he starred in the film Chasing Papi, even though the film was horrible, did not do well, and critics hated it. Regardless, he was the lead actor in the film and that resonated loudly with us Latinos. He had other smaller stints in Charmed and Meet Me in Miami following this film. He even released an album in Spanish that had luke-warm results.
Eduardo Verastegui Jennifer Lopez hand-picked Eduardo to be her love interest in the music video for Ain’t It Funny and the media speculated that there was a relationship between the two. Eduardo played a gipsy that danced and drove every girl (and some guys) bananas. Everyone wanted to be a gipsy after that, or at least get taken advantage by one.
Eduardo Verastegui Eduardo was in hiding for about three years because he was trying to find himself and has a new found interest in religion. He wants to serve others because he lost track and focus of that in the past. About acting, he says “I don’t want to act right now unless I had control over the literary content. I want to produce.” So much to the dismay of many, he won’t be utilizing that pretty face of his onscreen any time soon.

Latin Representation in ABC’s The One

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.19.2006 - Televisión

Mark HudsonABC’s The One is basically the American version of Spain’s Operacion Triunfo, the show David Bisbal was discovered in. Think American Idol meets Big Brother because not only do the participants perform on stage, but they actually tape them 24/7 in a “studio home” called The Academy. The show’s first episode was last night and it proved to be pretty bland in that there was a strange energy amongst the contestants, judges, and host. Everyone was being way to nice to each other. They should have invited me.

The reason I write about this show is because there are two girls of Latin descent participating.

Jackie Mendez23 year-old Jackie Mendez is Cuban-American and does not want to be labeled as a “Latina pop star – Like JLo.” She sang OK, but dominated the stage in a lusty “latina pop star – like JLo” kind of way.
Jadyn Maria21 year-old Jadyn Maria was born in Puerto Rico but was raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She hopes to record an album in English and then release an album in Spanish as well. Does this means she speaks Spanish? Don’t fake like Boyz II Men. She has major pipes on her but I feel like she can give much more than she did.
Lets hope these girls represent us well. If not, we are going to have to have a talk.

Bikini Shakira Enjoys the Sun in Miami

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.19.2006 - Shakira

Shakira in a BikiniShakira enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather in Miami, all while showing off her hot body in a bikini. Even though she has always had a nice body, it seems that performing Hips Don’t Lie over and over has helped her tone her body even more.

She starts her concert tour in about three weeks so she better enjoy the R&R while she can. See her Oral Fixation Tour Schedule as well as another picture of the Colombiana in a bikini after the jump. Continue reading »

Great Story About Leticia Calderon and Her Son

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.19.2006 - Chisme

Leticia CalderonActress Leticia Calderon has a son that has down syndrome. She took her son to get dolphin-assisted therapy which is where her son interacts with a dolphin in the water. During the sixth therapy session, Leticia’s son looked at her and called her something he never did before. He called her mama. She looked at him and asked “what did you say?” and he repeated “mama.”

As you can imagine, Leticia is thrilled with this single improvement because it is indicative of the development and growth that her son is going and will go through. Congratulations Leticia and wish you and your son the best. Leave your own well wishes to Leticia by leaving a comment.

Salma to be Part of Cast in Addition to Producing Ugly Betty

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.18.2006 - Salma Hayek, Televisión

Betty la fea ugly bettyIf you don’t know already that Salma Hayek is producing a show titled Ugly Betty which will air on ABC, you probably don’t know that Salma has now decided that she will star in the show as well. She announced that her role will be minor though.

Ugly Betty is based on the original show produced in Colombia called Betty La Fea. The show, which is the story of an ugly woman who, after a makeover, turns beautiful, was a huge success in Latin television. There is currently a Mexican version, La Fea Mas Bella, on Univision. Salma was smart to bring this show to the US because I have a feeling that, if done correctly, American audiences will warm up to it as well.