Rock Dinner With Paulina Rubio

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2006 - Paulina Rubio

Paulina.jpgHave you ever said to yourself “Gee, I wish Paulina Rubio would come to my house so we can hang out, eat, laugh, and be silly?” If you did, your wish may come true.

Here is a chance to win the Rock Dinner contest and have Paulina as your dinner guest. Start thinking about what you are going to cook for her.

All you have to do is answer a few questions correctly and you’re in for a chance to win. Suerte!

Ricky Martin Unplugged

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2006 - Musica, Ricky Martin, Televisión

Ricky Martin.JPGThis is Ricky Martin’s week. First he was honored by the Latin Recording Academy and then last night he exceeded expectations during the filming of MTV Unplugged in Miami.

Ricky started with a moving performance of Asignatura Pendiente and did not shake his bon-bon as he normally does. He stayed put and delivered the song by just simply singing. Before starting his performance Ricky said:

”I’ve got fans on the moon,” but ”I want to buy a ticket to return to yesterday.”

He then got back to his normal way of performing and shook, wiggled, arched, and moved around the stage throughout the rest of the night. He ended with a big:

“My first Unplugged is over!”

Ricky’s MTV Unplugged will air on MTV Latin America in November and will then be released on CD and DVD.

Niurka Marcos Tells All To Cristina

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2006 - Niurka Marcos, Televisión

Niurka-Marcos_81506_400.jpgFresh off her divorce from Bobby Larios, Niurka Marcos has decided to spill all there is to dish on the Cristina show. The show will air Monday on Univision and, of course, should answer many of the questions we have about the fallout.

As you can see, Niurka opted to dress like a bad drag queen for the interview.

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Eva Longoria on Maxim

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2006 - Eva Longoria

EVa Maxim.jpg Eva Longoria scores the cover of the September issue of Maxim Magazine. No Maxim photo shoot can be complete without airbrushing galore, but whatever works. She looks great. She also has an interesting interview that shows that she isn’t the shallow girl people may think she is.

You’re working on a documentary about Latino laborers and recently said, “I don’t think this administration can afford to have things end badly.? What’s your movie’s stance, exactly?

Well, let me start with how I got involved with the documentary. My mentor, my idol, my inspiration in life is [labor activist] Dolores Huerta. Together we’re documenting a day in the life of an immigrant worker, just to show how hard these people work—how they slave away just for us to have a salad at the Chateau Marmont. I spent a day out in the field, and it’s horrendous. It’s an exploitation of people who leave everything behind: their country, their family, their lives, their language, their religion. They leave it all behind to come here and make five dollars a day. My hope is that the documentary will educate people about what’s going on.

More of the interview, including her take on cosmetic surgery and her Latin role models, plus more pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

Ricardo Arjona Breaks Promises

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2006 - Chisme, Musica

Ricardo Intocable.jpgRicardo Arjona currently has a hit song with the beautifully done Mojado, which is a duet with the Mexican Norteño band Intocable. Ricardo told Intocable that if they recorded the song with him that he would make sure that they open his concerts on his tour. Of course, they agreed because not only is Ricardo known for producing and composing materpieces, but the PR from performing on Ricardo’s tour would do wonders for Intocables and their career.

The members of Intocable waited and waited for a phone call from Ricardo but it never came. Ricardo has already started the tour sans Intocable’s participation. Intocable members are very disappointed and hurt by this and it is difficult to blame them. Shame on you Ricardo. A call would have been nice.