Cristian Castro Singing Reggaeton?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.23.2006 - Musica

cristian.jpgThere seems to be some confusion as to whether or not Mexican pop singer Cristian Castro is releasing a hip-hop song. There has been a rumor that he has, but nobody has heard the song.

It is now safe to say that he is not crossing over as a hip-hop artist and put that rumor to rest. There is a new act called ‘Kastro and Keisha’ and some people announce them as “Keisha and Kastroâ€?. They sing in a hip-hop reggaeton style, but some people are confusing them for Cristian.

Say “Keisha and Kastro� real fast three times in a row and see if it does’t sounds like “Cristian Castro.�

Daddy Yankee on Fashion Rocks

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.23.2006 - Musica, Televisión

Daddy Yankee1.jpgThe annual Fashion Rocks magazine was released this past week and in it we find none other than Daddy Yankee. To perform in Fashion Rocks is a big deal and here you can see his picture and the bio written on him.

In Puerto Rico, “Daddy Yankee” means “the big father,” and there’s no question that Yankee helped conceive and nurture the style known as reggaeton. He gave the genre its name, first saying it on a mix in 1992; then, a dozen years later, he created reggaeton’s first crossover hit, the lascivious, infectuois “Gasolina.” Yankee has brought the music of Puerto Rico to the world, and now he’s bringing the music of the world to Puerto Rico via a new album featuring “hip-hop, dancehall, and even some Indian music,” he says. He’ll also be rapping in English for the first time-”well, Spanglish, to be specific,” he laughs. Clearly, el rey de reggaeton is going to keep expanding his kingdom.

Fashion Rocks airs on CBS Friday, September 8. Don’t miss Daddy Yankee.

Daniela Romo Will Cut Her Hair

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.23.2006 - Chisme

Daniela Romo.jpgDaniela Romo, known for having super long hair, is getting ready to chop it off. Daniela will be portraying a transvestite in the musical Victor Victoria and she will have to do a new do.Â

Long hair is her signature look, and many fans are not happy with this decision. Some are saying that it will be refreshing to see her with a different hair style. What do you think?Â

Rock Dinner with RBD

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.23.2006 - Musica

Anahi RBDCalling all RBD fans! Calling all RBD fans! How would you like to have the RBD gang come over to your house so you can show them the shrine you have created for them, that you know all of the words to their songs, and that you are their biggest fan?

Here is your chance. All you have to do is answer three simple RBD questions and you are in the running for a chance to win a dinner in your own home with RBD. That is a lot of food considering there are six in the group. But hey, they sing, they act, they own stores, surely they can cook.

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Latinas for Madonna and Her Style

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.22.2006 - Chisme, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek

madonnaap.jpgThe new issue of InStyle has a section where Hollywood women discuss their style and fashion inspirations and both Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek mention that Madonna influenced their styles at one point or another.

Sexy Mendes admits she once tried to look like the Material Girl: “I wore a black miniskirt, white half-gloves, a ribbon in my hair and a big cross. My mother was mortified.” Fellow Latina Hayek credits Madonna for paying respect to her roots: “I was grateful somebody like her appreciated our culture.”

So props to Madonna for impressing these two powerful Latinas. Madonna has always had a strong connection to the Latin culture. What do you think has been the most important connection she has had to the Latin culture?