How Do You Say Belinda in English?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.01.2006 - Musica

Belinda.jpgBelinda, the teen singing sensation that has swept Latin America, will try her luck with the North American and European markets by releasing an English album. She will be flying from Mexico to the U.S. to record the tracks within the next few weeks.

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Quotes : Kate Del Castillo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.01.2006 - Quotes

Kate Del Castillo.jpgActress Kate Del Castillo, who is divorced and hasn’t been back on the dating scene, was asked about marriage:

“For me a relation ship between partners doesn’t have a specific time, if things happen it isn’t because you set it up that way. I stil believe in marriage, besides, I haven’t gotten married through the church.”

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Who Is the Hairy One of RBD?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.01.2006 - RBD

RBD2.jpgSources tell us that one of the girls from RBD, while backstage, asked for a razor at the AMOR a la Musica concert in Miami. Don’t you think she could have taken care of that before she got to the concert?

Our source couldn’t reveal which one of the girls is the hairy one. Who do you think it was?

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Ricky Martin Ready For Latin Grammys

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.31.2006 - Award Shows, Ricky Martin

Ricky Grammys.jpgRicky Martin is already preparing for his performance at the Latin Grammys. Are you? Gather your friends and family and make a party out of it! Don’t forget – this Thursday on Univision.

More Ricky chisme – You’d expect a huge star like Ricky to arrive at a concert he is performing at in a limo, with an entourage, and with an attitude. Not Mr. Martin! He drove there himself, walked into the venue with no entourage, and it just so happened to be lunchtime for all of the event organizers. They were eating and everyone went to get up as soon as they saw Ricky to tend to his needs. He asked them to continue eating while he sat down and waited patiently.

Ricky earns an additional 240 points in our book!

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Roxana Garcia and The Famous Photographer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.31.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme, Fonseca

ROXFONS copy.jpgUnivision Radio Host Roxana Garcia made a big mistake the other day. While backstage at a concert in Miami, she wanted to capture the moment with her friends so she asked a random man that was sitting by the stairs if he would take the picture. The anonymous man did just that and left.

It wasn’t until he was gone that someone recognized him as Colombian singer and three-time Latin Grammy nominee Fonseca! Needless to say, Roxana should have had her picture taken with him instead.

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