The Backlash for AB Has Begun…

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.13.2006 - AB Quintanilla, Celebrity Blunder, Chisme

AB3.jpg Mexico is not happy at all by the comments AB made on a leaked videotape. Even though he blames Cruz Martinez for deliberately leaking the video (the two have been attacking each other in the press since the break-up of Kumbia Kings), it seems that Mexico doesn’t want to hear a word.

Latin radio stations nationwide have been inundated with angry phone calls from people, not just Mexicans, asking the public to boycott AB and his music. In Mexico, a protest broke out in a park and they were chanting:

“Cruz! Cruz! Get out of here AB and come back Cruz!”

Abraham Quintanilla, father of AB and Selena, said that he cannot be held responsible for comments made by his grown son.

Not even his father is behind him? Forget it AB. You have a long uphill road to travel in order to fix this problemita.

So, whenever you think you’re having a bad day and nothing is going your way…think of AB and his situation and you’ll feel much better instantly.

CBS Survivor – The Latin Cast

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.13.2006 - Televisión has an interesting article on the Latin cast of this season’s Survivor: Cook Island, premiering this Thursday. This year they have split the tribes by race, so there is a black crew, an asian crew, so on and so forth.

Now we get to meet the Latin crew. Check them out.

  • Cecilia.jpgName Cecilia Mansilla
    Age 29
    Birthplace Arequipa, Peru
    Occupation Risk Analyst in Technology
  • Cristina.jpgName Cristina Coria
    Age 35
    Birthplace Santa Monica, CA
    Occupation Police officer
  • Ozzy.jpgName Oscar Ozzy Lusth
    Age 25
    Birthplace Mexico City
    Occupation Waiter
  • JP.jpgName John J.P. Calderón
    Age 30
    Birthplace Santa Monica, CA
    Occupation Professional volleyball player
  • Billy.jpgName Virgilio Billy García
    Age 36
    Birthplace Staten Island, NY
    Occupation Heavy Metal Guitarist

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Eva Mendes at Fashion Week

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.13.2006 - Chisme, Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes.jpgEva is looking kinda sorta dominatrix in this picture from Fashion Week in New York. Is it a fashion hit or miss?

AB Quintanilla Disses Mexicans

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.13.2006 - AB Quintanilla, Chisme

AB Quintanilla.jpgFirst he kicked one of his fans and now he disses Mexico, the country his parents are from.

Another video (NSFW) was released today, this time showing AB Quintanilla dissing Mexicans. In the video AB is being told by airport security to get off the floor where he was sleeping and in it he says:

“The N***** can be killed in Mexico City for sleeping on the f****** floor. I am afraid to even get on the floor. They’re ready to jump on me, they’re right behind us, they don’t even want to look at us because they are ready to jump. (The guards start to leave) Look, they’re leaving. You better leave you f****** Mexicans.”

AB tries to defend his words in a press release that states:

“It’s my understanding that there is a video that is causing a negative reaction amongst the people of Mexico. I felt it necessary to clarify. In one of our trips we had a layover in Mexico City. Naturally, some members of the band decided to lay on the floor of the airport to rest. At that moment, armed security guards came up to us and told us to get up in a wrong way, not even allowing us to lean against the wall. You should understand that even though I was bron in the United States, my Mexican blood heated up, I was really bothered.”

It still doesn’t explain much. It would be one thing to make strong statements against the guards, but he went ahead and started dissing all of Mexico.

MTV TR3S Kick-off

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.12.2006 - Alejandro Sanz, Ana Barbara, Gay

Nelly Furtado.jpgSolo han pasado un poco mas de 24 horas desde el lanzamiento de MTV TR3S y ya hay mucha gente que dice que el canal es su favorito. Tu que piensas?