Look For Daddy Yankee In Puerto Rican Day Parade

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.16.2007 - Daddy Yankee

daddy.jpgWe hear…that Daddy Yankee will be the exclusive artist on MTV Tr3′s float during the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York on June 10th.

Dr. Estefan

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2007 - The Estefans

SN_GEP7051501.jpgWe told you that Gloria Estefan and her hubby, Emilio, received honorary doctorates and here we see Dr. Beat dressed up in her graduation gear.

It’s incredible to see someone who has achieved so much, continue to achieve even more!

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Jessica Alba Looks Hotter Than Hot

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2007 - Jessica Alba

WB_JAPFTC7051514.jpg Va va freakin’ voom! Jessica Alba was spotted posing for a photo shoot on the beach and she looks freakin’ incredible!

We like her better wet and sandy, just like this!


[Images: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.]

Amelia Lets Loose

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2007 - Chisme

LG_AAU7051511.jpgAmelia Vega was seen partying it up at the Azteca America Upfront event in New York. Here we see her dancing away with Carlos Vives and then posing with Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez.


It’s good to see Amelia doing her thing (She looks great!). More pictures of the Ex Miss Universe after the jump.

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Cecilia and Menem Already Split

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2007 - Chisme

cecilia.jpgNow it all makes sense. Ex Argentine President Carlos Menem announced that he and his wife, Cecilia Bolocco, have been separated for quite some time but did not go public with it for the well-being of their son, Maximo.

That means she can show her tetas to whomever she wishes.