Three Latinas Find Each Other

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.18.2007 - Eva Longoria

threelatinas.jpgWe love this recently-taken picture of the three Latinas, Roselyn Sanchez, Eva Longoria, and America Ferrera. We’re sure it’s comforting to have each other as ‘allies’ in sneaky, greedy, and slimy Hollywood.

America sure looks skinny in this pic.

Book by Soraya Will Help Breast Cancer Research

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.18.2007 - Chisme

soraya.jpgWords written by Soraya will be published in English and proceeds from the sale of it will go toward the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help promote breast cancer education.

Click HERE to pre-order Soraya: A Life of Music, A Legacy of Hope and support this noble noble cause that impacts way too many of our beautiful women.

We miss Soraya…

Juanes Talks to Giselle

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.18.2007 - Juanes, Televisión

gisellejuanes.jpgTwo of our favorite people together!

Giselle Blondet and Juanes got together to tape an interview for one of her TV specials – which by the way, don’t air that often. She needs to do them more frequently. We are nosy people with needs!

We love the ragged scarf look that Juanes is pulling off lately. Do you?

Cristina’s Grandson Makes Television Debut

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.18.2007 - Televisión

cristina.jpgLast night, Cristina Saralegui introduced her grandson to the world and you can tell that the entire family is going gaga over him.

Cristina invited several famosos, including Karla Martinez, Priscila, and Cynthia Klitbo on her show to talk about their children and what it is like to be a parent.

– We know we shouldn’t compare kids, but Sergio Mayer‘s kid was the cutest!!!

Mariana Will Star in Osorio Novela

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.17.2007 - Novelas

mariana.jpgYou may know that Mariana Seoane has agreed to star in Juan Osorio‘s new novela, Tormenta en el Paraíso.

The odd thing is that at first she wasn’t sure if she was going to accept the part, but then supposedly she found out that Juan was going to offer the part to another famous actress, and as soon as Mariana found out who it was, she called Juan to prevent this other chica from taking the role.

Who did Juan offer the role to? The answer after the jump.

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