The Duchess of Alba Has Died

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.20.2014 - RIP

duquesa+de+albaThe Duchess of Alba, Spain’s richest woman and one its most eccentric figures, has died aged 88 in Seville.

Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart had more titles than any other aristocrat and owned palaces and an extensive property portfolio as well as paintings by Goya and Velazquez.

She died at home on Thursday after a short illness.

The duchess is survived by her husband of three years, Alfonso Diez, who is 25 years younger than her.

The Duchess of Alba was the head of one of Spain’s oldest noble families. She was one of our favorites.

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Ricky Martin Unveils Wax Statue That Actually Looks Like Him

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2014 - Ricky Martin

ricky+martinRicky Martin‘s wax statue was unveiled in Las Vegas and the singer himself was present for the grand debut.

The sculpture will got up at Madame Tussauds in Orlando.

Usually these wax statues don’t look the stars – sometimes it’s so off – but this is really spot on, don’t you think??

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Ana De La Reguera Blasts Angelica Rivera With One Epic Tweet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2014 - Ana De La Reguera, Angelica Rivera, Politica

ana+de+la+regueraAna De La Reguera is our hero!!

The actress heard about Angelica Rivera‘s claims that she bought a 7 million dollar house with her own money from working at Televisa – so she published one of the most epic tweets ever.

She wrote:

“Damn…Why did I go to Azteca and later to L.A. if they paid so well at Televisa.”

Obviously, she does NOT buy what Angelica is saying.

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Angelica Rivera Says She Paid For Mansion Thanks to Telenovelas, Now Selling It

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2014 - Angelica Rivera, Politica

angelica+riveraAngelica Rivera has gone on the defensive!

President Enrique Peña Nieto and the First Lady have come under fire for the recent political instability in Mexico and the handling of the murders of 43 students.

Another reason the first family of Mexico has been put under the microscope for is the 7,000,000 dollar house they own in DF. Many are questioning how they can afford this!

Well, Angelica has decided to not keep quiet and she has uploaded a video on YouTube to let everyone know that she paid for the house thanks to her 25 years working at Televisa.

Amid the scandal, Angelica reveals that she has decided to sell the house.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado and Sister Killed in Act of Passion

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.19.2014 - Reinas, RIP

hondurasSad update to give.

Miss Honduras and her sister were shot to death in an “act of passion” by a jealous boyfriend at a birthday party and buried in a river bank in the mountains.

Maria Jose Alvarado, who won her title in April, and her sister, Sofia Trinidad Hernandez, went missing only three days before they were to leave for London for the Miss World competition.

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