Donald Trump Bans Univision Employees From His Golf Course

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.29.2015 - Chisme

trumpDonald Trump got nasty with Univision.

He banned all of the networks’s executives and employees from using his golf course in Miami, saying:

“Under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami.”

Trump added:

“Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over.”

Univision fired back, sending out a memo to its employees that they “should not stay at Trump properties while on company business or hold events/activities there.”

Trump is upset because Univision broke off its deal to air his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

Miss Universe and Miss USA – Should Latinos Boycott?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2015 - Chisme

miss+universeThe hottest topic this week was most certainly Donald Trump‘s ridiculous remarks about Mexicans and all Latinos in general.

Let us repeat, he said Mexicans bring drugs to the US, are criminals, and also rapists.

J Balvin canceled his performance on Miss USA, Univision cut all ties with Trump, and the hashtag #LatinoUnidos became a trending topic worldwide as all Latinos came together making a stand.

Miss USA and Miss Universe will most likely still get aired – especially in English – so the question is…do we boycott??

Should we all decide not to support these events since they are backed by this racist discriminating socialite??

Us Latinos LOVE Miss Universe and we all cheer for our individual countries and our region as a whole – but we cannot continue to take part in something when the owner only wants our viewership and money but doesn’t even care to give respect back.

Sofia Vergara Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2015 - Sofia Vergara

sofiaSofia Vergara‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized.

Pro-life protesters marked the star with the words #embryodefense.

They criticize the Colombian actress for not bringing her two frozen embryos to full term.

They claim they should let her babies live and not leave them in limbo.

The protesters were also at the “Magic Mike XXL” premiere but Sofia was all smiles as if they weren’t even there.

Elizabeth Gutierrez Refuses to Talk About Private Life

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2015 - Elizabeth Gutierrez

elizabethWilliam Levy made it very very clear that he and Elizabeth Gutierrez are no longer together…he basically shouted it on the cover of a magazine.

Everyone has been trying to get her word on their split – but she isn’t giving any up.

At a recent even in Miami, she denied the press any statement or thoughts on their separation.

She told everyone that she would not comment on her private life.

We’re sure that’ll hold true…until she has a novela to promote or something.

Donald Trump Suing Univision

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2015 - Televisión

trump+univisionDonald Trump is going after Univision.

The network terminated its relationship with him and will not take part in the Miss Universe events as planned.

This after Trump said Mexicans are rapists that bring crime and drugs to The United States.

Still, he is getting his legal team involved and going after the TV network.

He told TMZ that he will sue Univision for “hundreds of millions of dollars” for breaching what he says is a binding, 5 year deal to air the Miss USA pageant.

TMZ reports:

“Trump tells us, the contract, which was signed in January of this year, is iron-clad. He also says Univision became immediately apologetic after pulling the plug, telling him they were backed against a wall and pleading with him not to talk about Mexico anymore or to at least soften his view.”

This is getting ugly. Like that hair of his.