Latin Grammy 2018 Nominations Announced

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2018 - Musica

jblgThe nominations for the 19th edition of the Latin Grammy were announced.

J Balvin leads the pack with eight nominations which include “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year.”

Here’s are the key nominations:

Álbum del Año
Prometo – Pablo Alborán
Vibras – J Balvin
Caravanas – Chico Buarque
Salvavidas De Hielo – Jorge Drexler
Siguiente – El David Aguilar
Soy Yo – Kany García
Musas (Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos), Vol. 2 – Natalia Lafourcade
México Por Siempre – Luis Miguel
Encanto Tropical – Monsieur Periné
Cuando El Río Suena… – Rozalén

Grabación del Año
No Vaya A Ser – Pablo Alborán
É Fake (Homem Barato) – Anaadi
Mi Gente – J Balvin con Willy William
Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo
Telefonía – Jorge Drexler
Para Siempre – Kany García
X – Nicky Jam y J Balvin
Danza De Gardenias – Natalia Lafourcade junto con Los Macorinos
Bailar Contigo – Monsieur Periné
Malamente – Rosalía

Canción del Año – Premio al Compositor(es)
Antes De Ti – Manú Jalil y Mon Laferte, compositores (Mon Laferte)
Bailar Contigo – Monsieur Periné, compositor (Monsieur Periné)
Danza De Gardenias – David Aguilar Dorantes y Natalia Lafourcade, compositores (Natalia Lafourcade junto con Los Macorinos)
Embrujo – El David Aguilar, compositor (El David Aguilar)
La Puerta Violeta – Rozalén, compositora (Rozalén)
Malamente – Antón Alvarez Alfaro, Pablo Diaz-Reixa y Rosalía, compositores (Rosalía)
Para Siempre – Kany García, compositora (Kany García)
Robarte Un Beso – Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres, Carlos Vives y Sebastián Yatra, compositores (Carlos Vives y Sebastián Yatra)
Telefonía – Jorge Drexler, compositor (Jorge Drexler)
Tu Vida Mi Vida – Fito Páez, compositor (Fito Páez)

Mejor Nuevo Artista
Ángela Aguilar
El David Aguilar
Alex Ferreira
Karol G
Los Petitfellas
Nana Mendoza
Christian Nodal
Claudia Prieto
Benjamín Walker

Mejor Álbum Vocal Pop Contemporáneo
Ser – Axel
Camino Fuego Y Libertad – Pablo López
Cuerpo Y Alma – Beatriz Luengo
F.A.M.E. – Maluma ​
Miradas – Nana Mendoza

Mejor Fusión/Interpretación
Urbana Mi Gente – J Balvin con Willy William junto con Beyoncé
Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo
Yo Contra Ti – Daddy Yankee junto con la Orquesta Sinfónica De Puerto Rico
Sua Cara – Major Lazer junto con Anitta y Pabllo Vittar
Malamente – Rosalía

Mejor Álbum de Música Alternativa
Claroscura – Aterciopelados
Puñal – Dante Spinetta
Fuerza Arará – Telmary
Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar – Vetusta Morla
Aztlan – Zoé

Mejor Canción Regional Mexicana – Premio al Compositor(es)
Arránquense Muchachos – Domingo Leiva Delgado, compositor (Pedro Fernández)
Ayúdame A Olvidarte – Gabriel Flores y Yoel Henríquez, compositores (La Explosiva Banda De Maza)
Corrido De Juanito – Edén Muñoz, compositor (Calibre 50)
El Sueño Americano – Salvador Hurtado, compositor (La Energía Norteña)
Probablemente – Christian Nodal, compositor (Christian Nodal)

Mejor Álbum Música Popular Brasileña
Mano Que Zuera – João Bosco
Caravanas – Chico Buarque
Edu, Dori E Marcos – Edu Lobo, Dori Caymmi y Marcos Valle
Campos Neutrais – Vitor Ramil
Deus É Mulher – Elza Soares

Julian Gil Celebrates His Eldest Son

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2018 - Julian Gil

julianJulian Gil got to celebrate his son’s birthday…no, the other son.

His eldest, Julian Jr, turned 23 and the actor made sure to shout from the rooftops on social media.

He posted several pics of Julian Jr, in different times of his life, and wrote the following message, “Hijo, hoy es tu cumpleaños recuerdo con mucha felicidad el día de tu nacimiento fue uno de los más lindos de mi vida, me hace mucha ilusión saber que año tras año te conviertes en un gran hombre. A celebrar Juliancito. Te amo Hijo.”

Can’t help but to think about the little time he gets to spend with his baby Matias.

Intocable Releases Impacting Video For Me Dueles

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2018 - Intocable, Musica, RegionalMex

rmintocableIntocable has done it again.

Their most recent video, for the song “Me Dueles“, goes off of the typical love story script to focus on more humanitarian issues and events happening around the world and within our society.

Like with the “Dia 730″ video, the band is giving a voice to those who don’t have it, in this case, our own world.

The song narrates the story about a person, presumably, who loves another so hard it hurts, the video, however, has a twist.

During a conversation we had with Ricky Muñoz, he explained how he came up with the concept behind the video.

As he was watching videos from the 80′s, he became inspired to do something unexpected with the story-line.

“At first it is the typical story, a guy hurting because of love. Then I came up with this concept. Why can’t we make this video? Yeah, that’s what you’d expect, ‘you’re leaving me, you hurt me,’ let’s make this song about the world telling humans, ‘me dueles.’ It’s really the world, el universo, cantándole a la humanidad.”

It comes down to do something that brings awareness and is different regardless of the possible critique or backlash about releasing what he says some may call a “dumb video” in a genre where superficiality and sex scenes are commonly seen.

Scenes of the video show images of natural disasters, immigration issues (separations, protests, and detention centers), the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, communities coming together to help one another, among other things.

At the end of the day, the video remains one about “amor and desamor”, with humanity, our environment, and among ourselves.

You must watch.

Chiquis Rivera Lashes Out Against Critics

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2018 - Chiquis Rivera

chiquisrChiquis has had enough and had to speak her mind.

She recently wore a jacket that reads “Mexico is the Shit” on the back, as many others have.

Some people did not take the message that got lost in translation and began to attack her on social media.

In response, she said, “Para la gente p3nd3ja que no entiende lo que quiere decir eso y que dice que le estoy faltando el respeto a México, que no es así, a esa gente ignorante que está diciendo eso… quiere decir que México es ch!ngón, o sea, México es algo bueno, no sean tan mensos.”

She is used to getting a lot of criticism, but she didn’t take it this time.

Maria Celeste Arraras Caught on Camera Pushing Makeup Artist

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2018 - Maria Celeste Arraras, Televisión

maria+celesteA video of Maria Celeste Arraras pushing her makeup artist out of the camera’s view is making the rounds on the Internet.

The ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ host works hard to make sure everything comes out right on her show – and, during coverage of Hurricane Florence, she was caught in camera shoving someone for getting in the way.

Maria Celeste told her not to step in during the broadcast and immediately apologized as well.

Hey, live television is not easy!