Farruko Denied Request to Take Off Ankle Monitor

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.15.2018 - Farruko

farrukoFarruko has to keep his ankle monitor on.

The Urban music star has been wearing the device since he was caught with over 50,000 dollars cash at a Puerto Rico airport – when he only claimed to have had 10,000 dollars on him.

The singer’s defense team asked a judge if he could take it off since it is complicating some professional commitments for him. They claim that they were recently denied travel to Canada for a performance because of the ankle monitor.

The court declined the request and maintained that he must continue wearing it.

Mana Honored as Person of The Year

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.15.2018 - Mana

manaMana has been named The Person of the Year.

The Latin Grammy Recording Academy honored the group with a swanky dinner in Las Vegas on Wednesday night in prep for the actual awards show on Thursday.

Mana performed along with some of their celeb friends in LV. But it all wasn’t glitz and glamour this week. Just a few days ago, lead singer Fher Olvera stopped by the caravan of immigrants happening in Central America and Mexico to lift their spirits.

Congrats, Mana!

Bad Bunny and Joss Favela in Forbes 30 Under 30

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Bad Bunny, RegionalMex

bad+bunnyBad Bunny and Joss Favela made it on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Both artists were included in the music category this year.

Bad Bunny was applauded for his mainstream success with the Cards B song ‘I Like It’ and for climbing the charts in the Latin music world.

Joss was highlighted for winning awards for his songwriting, including being the youngest person ever to win the ASCAP Composer of the Year award.

Two totally different genres…two complete rockstars!

Fabian Rios Reveals Baby Boy Name

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Fabian Rios

fabien+riosFabian Rios will soon be father of a baby boy and he is now revealing the name.

The actor updated his followers with the baby news saying “Les compartimos el nombre de nuestro #beberiosferreira por qué ustedes nos han demostrado respeto y cariño, por eso queremos que sean los primeros en saber, el nombre es: DAVID por su significado poderoso.”

David. A classic! We like it!

Itati Cantoral Will Launch YouTube Channel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.14.2018 - Itati Cantoral

itatiItati Cantoral will soon launch a YouTube Channel.

It will be called “Maldita Lisiada”.

The name, of course, comes from her popular character, Soraya Montenegro.

It would be fun if the channel is done through the telenovela villain perspective.