Rosie Rivera Sides With Brother After Fight With the Press

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.01.2019 - Celebrity Weddings, Chiquis Rivera, Chisme

C49F2AF4-EED8-4783-A34B-3E1B1FBD138FAfter the fiasco with the press at Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez’s wedding, Rosie Rivera stood up for her brother Juan Rivera who gave out Raul de Molina’s cell phone number and had the most altercations with the media.

She said:
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The Rivera’s Angry With the Media for Chiquis’ Wedding Coverage

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.01.2019 - Celebrity Weddings, Chiquis Rivera, Chisme

6BF8E752-7A7C-44CE-B2BE-D6AD68E8F71AWhat was supposed to be a day to celebrate their love and union of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez was overshadowed by the issues between the Rivera family and the media who was trying to cover the event.

Telemundo was the only outlet that was officially invited to the event, but of course, many others showed up to try to get images of the wedding and cover the story.

Some people claim that the reporters and journalists who were not affiliated with Telemundo were not welcomed because the exclusive was sold to the network.Rodner Figueroa and Jessica Maldonado were among the very few were actually at the church and the party.

Even before the bride’s arrival to the church, things quickly turned ugly.
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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez Are Married

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.30.2019 - Celebrity Weddings, Chiquis Rivera, Chisme

70DCE628-307F-423B-91CC-5A849C569396Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez have tied the knot after being together for two and a half years.

The couple said their “I do’s” in front of their friends and family in Pasadena.

The fiesta was at a ranch where they partied until very late. The newlyweds even took the microphone to sing to their guest.


Chiquis Rivera Celebrates Birthday With Booty Picture

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2019 - Chiquis Rivera

ADF9E844-49D1-4987-A47E-C7CCD8BA344DChiquis Rivera is celebrating her birthday with a photo of her booty.

The image came with a special message to her haters.

“For those of you trying your best to bring me down, ruin MY day, and take my joy, well… you can kiss my a$$! 🍑🤪 Very Happy birthday to me. #FlawsAndAll Celebrando un año más de vida, a mi manera! Gracias a DIOS!!! #HappyBeeDayToMe”

Happy birthday, Chiquis!

Draco Rosa And Wife Divorce

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.26.2019 - Draco Rosa

F4603689-1311-4D7D-A3D2-D48C9FF42258Draco Rosa and his wife, Angela Alvarado are getting a divorce.

After 30 years of marriage, and many ups and downs, including his battle with cancer, the couple has decided to split.

No details or reasons for their decision have been revealed.

They have two sons.