Itati Cantoral Makes Marjorie De Sousa Uncomfortable at Press Conference

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.18.2018 - Itati Cantoral, Julian Gil, Marjorie de Sousa

itati+marjorieItati Cantoral really made Marjorie De Sousa uncomfortable at a press conference in Mexico.

The two are working together on a play so they invited the media to get the promo started before the premiere date.

When asked about what it’s like to work with Marjorie, Itati brought up Julian Gil! Marjorie was obviously not cool with it and just looked blankly at Itati as she laughed with the reporters.

Itati must have realized the awkward moment, she she then said how great of a mother and actress Marjorie is…to which Marjorie grabbed her hand to say thanks – but then Itati sarcastically added “Pero me tienes que pagar el cheque de la próxima semana. Ese ya no va para Julián Gil, ¿eh? Ese ya va para mi.”

She wouldn’t stop with the Julian Gil gag! Marjorie must have been dying!

Adrian Uribe Reappears on Social Media After Health Scare

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.18.2018 - Adrian Uribe

adrian+uribeAdrian Uribe has reappeared on social media – calming the nerves of his fans.

The funnyman has spent the last couple of weeks in a hospital with serious intestinal issues, even having to undergo emergency surgery.

It’s been a while since his followers have heard from him so now he is reaching out.

Via Twitter, he said “Que dijeron? Que andaba de parranda? Pues no. Aquí seguimos dándole duro a la recuperación. Gracias a Dios, a mi familia por su invaluable apoyo, pero sobre todo a ustedes por sus oraciones. Nos vemos pronto!”

His sense of humor is obviously still intact!

Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza All Cool Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.17.2018 - Andrea Legarreta, Raul Araiza

andrea+raulIt seems all is good between Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza.

After their apparent moment of tension on live television, the two gave each other a high five and held hands while smiling.

This all happened while Galilea Montijo talked about how things can get out of context because of social media.

She said “Desgraciadamente en las redes sociales no puedes decir nada… siendo figura pública, tengas o no tengas la razón, nunca vas a tener la razón.”

Upon hearing this, Andrea and Raul had their little friendly moment and laughed together.

They can say what they want, but the video speaks for itself!

Marjorie de Sousa Takes Two Legal Hits in Court

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.17.2018 - Julian Gil, Marjorie de Sousa

marjorieMarjorie de Sousa took a legal hit in court.

As you know, we all know, the world knows, that she has been battling with Julian Gil over their child – and a judge just came down hard on Marjorie.

There are two new rulings in place…first, Marjorie cannot make any changes to her son’s passport. She had been wanting to change the residency from Mexico to the US.

Second, Marjorie had asked to cancel Julian’s visits for a couple of months while she toured with work. Her argument was that Julian had missed many appointments anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference…however, the judge disagreed and said Julian’s reasons for missing his meetings with his son are justified.

Julian is smiling hard about now.

Luis Miguel Lied to Lucia Mendez About His Age

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.17.2018 - Lucia Mendez, Luis Miguel

lucia+luismiLuis Miguel lied to Lucia Mendez about his age!

Here’s the story…as you know, they dated a long time ago despite the difference in their ages.

Now that Luismi is on everyone’s minds, thanks to the series on Telemundo and Netflix, she is being asked about their fling. Lots of people are doing the math figuring out how old they were when they hooked up.

Lucia admits that he lied to her about his age! He said he was 20 years old when in fact he was 16 or 17. She said she could have ended up in jail!

Hey, it worked!