Yuri Compares Herself to Cher

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.30.2014 - Yuri

yuriYuri is out and about talking to the press since it was announced that she would be a coach on “La Voz Mexico”.

They’ve been asking her everything – but our favorite is when she talks about her longtime career.

She compared herself to Cher, saying:

“I relate more to Cher, whom at her 68 years is still relevant.”

Do you agree??

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Ricky Martin Accused of Stealing Vida

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.30.2014 - Musica, Ricky Martin

ricky+martinRicky Martin is being sued by a former “Idol Puerto Rico” contestant named Luis Adrian because he claims he stole his song.

What had happened was…Luis submitted a song and video in a contest that was to name a winning song used for the World Cup.

Well, he claims that he made it to the semifinals but was then told the song was not going to be used.

He then says he heard Ricky’s song “Vida” and he claims that the video and song are a direct copy of his!

Now he is suing Ricky and Sony Music for 10 million dollars.

LatinGossip got a hold on Luis’ song and we have to say it doesn’t sound anything like “Vida”!

We edited both videos for you to listen to so you can tell us what you think!! C-C-C-CLICK HERE!!

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Cristian Castro IS the Father After Paternity Test Comes Back Positive

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.30.2014 - Cristian Castro

cristian+castroCristian Castro officially has three daughters now.

According to Mexican media, the singer is now recognizing that he IS the father of a girl Rafaella – whom he had with a Colombian woman – after the paternity test results came back as positive.

Cristian will now apparently provide for the girl with child support.

Several months ago Cristian had said that he would never deny any of his kids, but that he would first need to prove they were truly his.

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Ricky Martin, Yuri, Julion Alvarez, Laura Pausini Together For First Time

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.30.2014 - RegionalMex, Ricky Martin, Televisión, Yuri

ricky+martin+laura+pausini+yuri+julion+alvarez+la+voz+mexicoHere they are together for the first time!

Ricky Martin, Yuri, Julion Alvarez, and Laura Pausini! The four new coaches of “La Voz Mexico”!

What an interesting combination of artists!

Ugh, why don’t they show this program in the US??!

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Gaby Espino and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco Host Studio Movie Plus

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.30.2014 - Gaby Espino, Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, Televisión

gaby+vivancoGaby Espino and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco are hosting a show together.

The Venezuelan actress and the Mexican actor are in charge of the show “Studio Movie Plus”.

The Latin American network Studio Universal is launching the program to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the movies that they show. The facts, the secrets, and testimonies from the actors and directors.

CLICK HERE to see a quick promo of the show.

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