Omar Chaparro To Play Pedro Infante

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.13.2019 - Omar Chaparro

B2596A97-90BB-4C38-AFAF-D5E1F0271617Omar Chaparro will be interpreting Pedro Infante in a film for Netflix.

“Queridos amigos pues esta era la noticia que les quería compartir y que me tiene tan emocionado desde hace dos años; en unas semanas comenzamos a filmar #ComoCaídoDelCielo, una película donde tendré que interpretar a mi más grande ídolo #PedroInfante,” he said.

He explained that this is not a bioseries, but is aware of the huge commitment that playing Mexico’s biggest icon.

“Estamos trabajando intensamente con todo el corazón, espero les guste mucho el trabajo de todo nuestro equipo!!!” he added.

Alejandro Fernandez May Go To Rehab

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.13.2019 - Alejandro Fernandez

AB2DC09D-A26F-4D09-8E66-FB5CEE80BEA2Alejandro Fernandez may go to rehab.

This according to Julio Cesar Chavez.

The former boxer owns a rehabilitation clinic and said that there have been conversations and due to confidentiality issues, he couldn’t give many details.

He also said he’s friends with the singer and his father so it would make sense that he wants to help him out.

Ozuna Gets 23 Latin Billboard Nominations

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.13.2019 - Award Shows, Ozuna

BB7C8737-8186-48BC-93B2-53147FD54B8AOzuna has broken a Latin Billboard record.

He received 23 nominations for the 2019 edition of the award show.

The singer is up for Artist of the Year, Hot Latin Songs artist of the year, male, and songwriter of the year. He is nominated twice in the Hot Latin Song and Hot Latin song Vocal Event categories for “Te Boté” and “Taki Taki.”

He is also nominated twice in Top Latin Album of the year category for his 2018 album, “Aura” and his 2017, “Odisea.”

Huge accomplishment for him.

Cardi B Deletes Instagram Account

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.12.2019 - Cardi B

95F0BB74-0567-41AE-A979-54A6EE689319Cardi B has deleted her Instagram account. Again.

After becoming the first female solo to win the Grammy for best rap album.

She was definitely proud and happy for the win, but she found herself having to defend her win.

She blew up against the haters who said she wasn’t worthy of the recognition and that someone else should’ve taken home the trophy.

Shortly after her rant, she decided to take a break from the app.

Social media can be exhausting for these celebs.

Chiquis Rivera To Freeze Her Eggs

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.12.2019 - Chiquis Rivera

001777FD-4100-4B19-A637-8E6EF94506F0Chiquis Rivera has been very open about her issues with endometriosis and her desire to be a mother one day.

In a way to plan ahead, she has decided to freeze her eggs and is sharing her experience with fans.

She says it has been an emotional ride and hesitated on whether to share this publicly or not. The video is very honest and transparent. One of the reasons she chose to do it is because it can help to inform other women about the proves.

Unfortunately, her doctor informed her that a cyst is growing on her left ovary and the process with have to wait a little longer.

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