misaMichelle Salas is getting slammed for a photo she shared on social media.

She went out for a day at el mercado while in Mexico for the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show and took many photos.

The problem was a particular image where she’s standing next to an older lady in traditional Mexican and Michele is literally stepping on her.

People accused her of basically using her as a prop and being a phony for using her D&G items rather than the ones from her country.

“Pisando a la pobre doñita para lucirte tú,” “si verdad! Hablando de las tradiciones indígenas y patrocinando Dolce Gabbana,” “Me parece que está muy fuera de lugar tú posee la señora no es una accesorio,” ” thanks for showing the gap between the rich and pour shows how people like you exploit our culture in order to get some a few Instagram Likes and of course gives more money/ attention to his net worth/fame,” and “Vergüenza total. deberías penzar un poco el impacto que va causar cada foto que publicas me imagino que cuando subiste la foto sólo te fijaste en lo bien que te veías tu sin razonar lo mal que lo verían los demás,” were just a few of the MANY comments people made against her.

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