Taking it back!

They are NOT getting married, despite what he told El Gordo y La Flaca.

Mark Tacher says that he and girlfriend Cecilia Galliano have no plans right now to tie the knot.

He told Hoy:

“I am not getting married. What I said in the interview was that if we were to get married, it would happen in that matter, knowing how Ceci and I are, but that’s it. That was turned into a bomb. We are very happy, but we have no plans to get married, we haven’t discussed it, at all. It’s also my fault for being a bigmouth, but you say things trusting and then it gets turned into gossip.”

Well, you WERE talking about your wedding so the press wasn’t wrong to report about it!

At least he recognized he’s at fault too for the confusion for being a bigmouth.

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