marjorieMarjorie de Sousa could very well turn into Mexico’s First Lady!

Giovanni Medina, Ninel Conde‘s ex, revealed juicy info about Marjorie’s alleged current relationship.

He was talking to “Sale el Sol” about his own battle for his child with Ninel, and touched on the subject of influence and corruption – which then he compared to Julian Gil y Marjorie.

Giovanni said “Está el caso de Julian Gil, que está pareciendo un tráfico de influencias terrible”, dijo Medina. “Pido que la señora Marjorie de Sousa, que no conozco y respeto, aclare a la opinión pública cómo, cuándo y por qué está recibiendo apoyo del candidato Ricardo Anaya”.

Ricardo is currently a presidential candidate in Mexico – so IF Marjorie and him are together and IF he wins, she could become First Lady! Imagine that!

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