sqSuzette Quintanilla is mad PISSED at Maria Celeste ArrarƔs.

It turns out that Telemundo will be producing a series based on MC’s book, “El Secreto de Selena.”

This did NOT sit well with Selena’s sister and she went off on a rant and said:

“Most people didn’t think I would come out and say something because normally I avoid negativity, but this is different. You, Maria Celeste, are full of crap. Your book is based on a whole bunch of lies, and you know where those lies came from? Your main source is a person who killed, cold-hardheartedly, murdered, my sister, shot her in the back and left her to die. It makes my stomach sick! To think that what kind of world do we live in where when it’s ok to have your source of somebody writing a book, the actual killer that took my sister’s life? It’s disgusting!”

Suzette hasn’t been one to be much in the spotlight when it comes to these types of issues, but this is a sensitive matter.

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