161664852LatinGossip correspondent Nenita Rodriguez was present at the Luis Miguel press conference in Vegas.

He was cool and real nice with everyone present. Here is a brief summary of what went down:

He doesn’t have a name for his new album. He says that when he started his career, he didn’t name his albums and never got used to that process.

He was asked why he never shows up to receive awards and he said because they have no credibility, but appreciates the recognition.

He said it’s ‘unfortunate’ that there were rumors that he died, but that his fans are smart and know not to believe everything that is said about him.

Tony Dandrades asked him THE Daisy Fuentes question and he responded that he doesn’t talk about his private life.

He also mentioned that the crime situation in Mexico is unfortunate but that ‘Mexico is bigger than its problems’.

He lives his life in an intense way and is very passionate, and that is why he never gets bored.

All in all, he was real chill and spoke well. He did not come off as uppity or snooty at all…very very likable.

PS – We weren’t allowed to take pics, so that photo you see is totally renegade! Shhh!

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