laura+zapata+laura+bozzoIt’s the battle of the Lauras!!!

Laura Zapata believes that Laura Bozzo‘s show should be taken off the air because it manipulates the conscience and ethics of people.

“Suelta La Sopa” caught up with the Peruvian TV host to see what she had to respond…and, boy, did she!

Laura B said she doesn’t care what an actress has to say about her show. She also said she is an actress that hardly gets any work anymore so she should worry about her own life and not mess with hers.

Laura Z swears that Laura B invited her to the show, but she declined.

La Bozzo is saying that’s not true. She said:

“I have never invited her because I don’t do shows with celebrities. The only thing I know about Laura Zapata is that she is Thalia‘s sister and is always in conflicts over her grandmother’s money.”

We say this can all be resolved with a charity boxing match!! Laura VS Laura!

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