Layout 1Julieta Venegas poses for the cover of Para Todos magazine.

Juli is enjoying one of the best moments in her life.

The Mexican singer is currently pregnant, with her first child and recently released her latest studio album Otra Cosa.

The magazine shared a portion of interview exclusively with

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On planning for parenthood
“I have no idea how I see myself as a mother, I think that’s the best thing about the possibility of having a child. I haven’t planned anything, it happened in the middle of everything, and I’m happy it happened that way. We shall see what happens, next year I want to go on tour and I want to take my baby with me.”

On a perfect day
“I love being at home, reading, swimming, doing yoga, I’m a very relaxed person. I like spending time with friends, eating out and having drinks. I think at times I tend to be do independent.”

On being an ambassador for UNICEF
“The work they do is really powerful. The work they do is so valuable. I love the things they have taught me about the world and what I can do to help. I love being a part of that.”

On her favorite thing about singing
“One of the things that touches me the most is when people sing along with my songs. It’s a beautiful experience, and it’s what I like most about doing concerts.”

On how she finds inspiration
“Poetry. I’ve been reading a lot of Alejandra Pizarnik, an Argentine poet, Nicanor Parra who is Chilean, Rosario Castellanos who is Mexican and Luis Cernuda, I always go back to his books.”

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