itati+marjorieItati Cantoral really made Marjorie De Sousa uncomfortable at a press conference in Mexico.

The two are working together on a play so they invited the media to get the promo started before the premiere date.

When asked about what it’s like to work with Marjorie, Itati brought up Julian Gil! Marjorie was obviously not cool with it and just looked blankly at Itati as she laughed with the reporters.

Itati must have realized the awkward moment, she she then said how great of a mother and actress Marjorie is…to which Marjorie grabbed her hand to say thanks – but then Itati sarcastically added “Pero me tienes que pagar el cheque de la próxima semana. Ese ya no va para Julián Gil, ¿eh? Ese ya va para mi.”

She wouldn’t stop with the Julian Gil gag! Marjorie must have been dying!

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