joan+sebastian+4RegionalMex has published an AMAZING story about Joan Sebastian, his passing, and the number thirteen.

Joan Sebastian was a man that lived as he wanted and it gives us comfort thinking that he died the same way.

“El Poeta Del Pueblo” left us on July 13, 2015.

One of his last albums, “13 Celebrando el 13,” was released in 2013.

Joan explained how special that number was for him.

13 was the age he had when a guitar first came to his life.

13 letters are included in his artistic name.

13 hearts are on the Gibson guitar specially made for him.

and 13 is the total of his eight kids with five mothers.

Simple coincidence? Possibly, but to ease a bit of the pain we are all feeling with his death, we like to think that this is how he wanted it.

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