33237-zJennifer Lopez is traveling the globe promoting her movie. Her latest stop was in Spain to talk about The Backup Plan El Plan B.

Where she’ll turn up next…who knows?

One thing is for sure, she gave LatinGossip Texas correspondent Lucy Moreno an exclusive interview and we’ve got their full chat for you to enjoy.

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LatinGossip: So how was it working with Nuts, the dog, I just fell in love with him.

Jennifer Lopez: I know everybody loved Nuts! Nuts is like a big hit! It’s so exciting.

LG: You know many people are going to go with their families to see the movie and there is just so much positive information in it? For instance Zoe being single and going through the artificial insemination, being an independent woman and of course the partnership with the Human Society since the dogs used in the movie were rescued.

JL: I love it whenever I take a script it has to kind of speak to me and it usually speaks to me for different reasons. This one I loved that it was so modern, like you said the whole idea of this woman making this choice. You wouldn’t have seen this to have a baby on her own through artificial insemination without a husband, without even a boyfriend. You know 20 years ago you would have never seen this and then one of the things that I loved most about Zoe’s character as well is the whole aspect of her and Nuts her little dog and the fact that he was a rescue animal. Not only that she rescued him, but that she changed her whole life because of him and left the corporate world where she was making a lot of money and decided this is what I want to dedicate my life, this says a lot about her character and I really love that about the script as well.

LG: How hard is it to balance motherhood and keep up with the twins? As a business woman, an artist, actress, producer, and composer I’m sure it is not easy so how do you balance it all?

JL: No, it’s not easy and I would never really want to act like it was easy nor would I want anybody else out there to think that. It’s a balancing act with the kids especially and I think that’s going to be the challenge of my life right now is to always be balanced. Making sure that the kids come first and that their happiness and their health and they’re always feeling loved and that I am so much a part of their lives at the same time and kind of being true to myself as an individual and doing what I have to do for my work and also to provide and everything for the future. So you know it’s a balancing act and its tough and I’m figuring it out as I’m go along. I think we’re doing OK so far. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep doing my best.

LG: I am really glad that you have given us this opportunity to interview you and we want to express the fact that we don’t just focus on your personal life. We actually are interested in your careers too.

JL: Thank you so much. We really, really work hard at what we do. We also work hard at our family and our relationship too and at the end of the day we understand that we are under the public eye, but at the same time we want to be recognized and looked at for what we represent as artists.

LG: But both of you have also given a lot back to the community, before it was chic to or let’s just say before the First Lady Michelle Obama started working on the issue of obesity in children?

JL: Children’s charities have always been huge part of our focus. We love to support many different types of charities, but children’s hospitals and women’s causes are something that are very close to our hearts and whenever we can help or whatever we can do, we love to do.

LG: Going back to the concert you and Marc did a while back you need to be complimented on your professionalism. Everyone I know said that you had to be commended on the work you did. You kept up and I heard you never complained. You stuck it out dancing and singing during the tour and never skipping a beat.

JL: (Laughing) you know it was funny because we had planned the tour and then right as we were about to start rehearsals and everybody was in line and everybody had been hired and the cities were all in line and everything, I found out I was pregnant and I had to make a decision. Of course, I spoke with my doctor, “look these are the dates I’ll be touring will it be safe? Will it be ok?” and she’s like yeah and I’m like really, oh my God. She explained like that’s the best time to go in that second trimester, that first trimester she would not have recommended it. The second trimester she was ok with it and she’s like by the time your almost into the sixth month you are not going to be able to do anymore. So I literally made the cut off on both sides and went out there and really just tried to give a good show and do what I could. It was a really beautiful time of our lives, I have to say and thank you so much for recognizing it was a little bit hard work.

LG: Lastly, I cannot let you go without telling you that from someone that knew Selena as a girl I have to compliment you on your work in her movie. You did her justice.

JL: Thank you so much that was one of the best moments in my whole career. I don’t know if I will ever have a more incredible experience than that. It was an emotional life changing moment for me. Not just because of what it did for my career but because of what it meant to me personally, how it made me look at life and embrace life and also learning her personality and the grace in which she handled fame and her fans and everything. You know she taught me kind of everything I know.

LG: I also have to let you know that you also have the one man I have always been in love with and that’s Marc Anthony. One of the only men that makes me dance and scream at concerts.

JL: (Laughing) Me too, me too. I totally understand.

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