Another celeb feud and this time it’s Galilea Montijo VS Jaime Camil!

In a video chat with her fans, Gali spoke of an actor who refused to do her show, Pequeños Gigantes, because the competing kids weren’t famous and that would bring his status down.

She also mentioned that the actor thinks he is a singer but is only a cheap version of Luis Miguel and mocked his poor rich-boy status.

It was very obvious that she was talking about Jaime, which she later accepted as being true, so he took to Twitter to release a statement about this fiasco. He wrote:

“Last Tuesday I received a friendly invitation to do the show Pequeños Gigantes. It was a particularly complicated day (I was already dealing with several items on my work schedule). When I finished (at around 10pm) I talked to my manager and said: “Let’s go David, let’s do it!” to which he responded: “Sorry Jaime, the production needed an answer right away. They had to make a quick decision”. In the end, I couldn’t participate. I regret the misunderstanding, the fictitious hypothetical fabrication, and the miscommunication from the very beginning. I hope this explanation helps those that have lost sleep over this. #SARCASM”

So, basically he is denying having turned down the show because of any diva excuse.

At this point, it’s up to the public to decide what is true and what isn’t. Hmmm.

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