jHe’s going going back back to Argentina!

One of Latin urban music’s most recognized artists around the world, J Alvarez, returns to Argentina on August 11 with his show “De Camino Pa La Cima.”

The artist is set to perform in concert at renowned stadium, Luna Park.

Here is what we were told – Fans in Argentina con expect a top level event, with the latest technology in audio, visuals and special effects. The set list is composed of more than 20 of the artist’s emblematic songs, including “La Pregunta,” “Se Acabó El Amor,” “Sexo Calor y Sudor,” “El Amante,” “Junto Al Amanecer,” “Regálame Una Noche,” and “La Temperatura”.

Argentina has a date with J Alvarez on August 11 at Luna Park Stadium – and we so wish we were there!!!

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