barbara+kanyKany Garcia talked to Barbara Bermudo of “Primer Impacto” and shared what her parents said when she came out to them.

The singer recently revealed that she is in a serious relationship with a woman – surprisingly, this is her first time being in a gay romance.

Kany said her father accepted her right away and was very supportive, saying:

“Nunca olvido sus palabras, porque él se creció tanto y tanto. Me dijo, ‘mírame a los ojos y quiero que sepas que yo te amo y te amo como tú eres y quien tú eres, y para mí siempre vas a ser la misma.”

For her mother, however, it was more difficult. She couldn’t stop crying when Kany told her the truth.

The Puerto Rican singer commented that she is so happy with this new stage in her life.

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