fridaFrida Sofia shared a very important moment in her life.

She had been estranged from her dad, Pablo Moctezuma, and the two recently reunited.

Along with the video, Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter said:
Happiness is a choice🌟You can choose to drag your bad times with you, they’re heavy. Sometimes you need to let go and forgive and just let love rule ❤️ because blood is thicker than water and family is family no matter what. Gracias mi gorda hermosa @natashamp97 por ser el ancla ⚓️ de esta familia. Siempre nos enseñas que se vale soñar y que los sueños se hacen realidad y son momentos y sentimientos intangibles los mejores regalos 🎁 que la vida nos puede dar. I love you dad. @pzuma
THANK YOU @beatrizpasquel FOR CAPTURING ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE🙏🏼❤️🐰and for everything you’ve said to me.

Good for them, family is important.

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