fonsecaImagine getting contacted by a Beatle, being asked to help write a song, and only have one day to complete the task!

That’s exactly what happened to Fonseca!

Ringo Starr is releasing a new version of his song “Now the Time Has Come” in honor of the Colombian peace treaty – and needed Fonseca’s help to write the lyrics.

“This has been very exciting. First, getting an invitation from Ringo Starr’s people was a surprise,” Fonseca said Thursday in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press. “And to see that he also wants to join the peace process in Colombia with a song about hope, as a Colombian and as a musician, this is a privilege.”

Fonseca said that on Wednesday, Ringo’s team sent him the song and asked him to write a verse, preferably in Spanish.

“I sat down, I wrote it, I recorded it in my home’s studio and by the afternoon I was sending it to Bruce Sugar, Ringo Starr’s longtime producer [and co-author of the song]. I spoke to Bruce over the phone and he told me he loved what he received.”

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