diegolunaellenDiego Luna stopped by “The Ellen Show” to talk about being cast in his favorite film franchise, be embarrassed by some old pictures, and receive an early birthday present from host Ellen DeGeneres.

Luna was also made red-faced by Ellen, who busted out an old Mexican magazine where a young and slightly-chunkier Luna is seen smiling happily on the cover. “You run away from your past. I crossed the border. I start to speak English to try to avoid going back to that,” he joked.

“I’m Mexican in ‘Star Wars,’ come on,” said Luna summing up his excitement about working in what he accurately describes as “a modern approach” to ‘Star Wars’ that also “celebrates its genesis.” The self-described “huge fan” of the franchise added, “I was backstage looking at the clip, going like, ‘I can’t believe that’s me.’ Like, ‘Oh my god, look how cool these are.’”

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