A Puerto Rican comic character named Pepito ‘wrote’ an open letter in a recent edition of a newspaper to Daddy Yankee asking him to stop wearing bling.

The reason behind the request is valid and honest.

The little cartoon figure says that kids see their favorite artists wear the diamond chains and all the shiny jewelry and so they, of course, want to obtain those same things.

Unfortunately this can cause some violence as well since some young folk look to get these pricey items at any cost such as stealing them or even murdering others to take them.

El Cangri responded to this and said:

“Truthfully, I am not interested in what people think of me and what I do or not with my money is of nobody’s business. That’s why I work hard.”

While bling is not our thing we completely agree with him.

It’s his money and he decides what to do with it.

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