- Rodner Figueroa taking a flight from Mexico City to Miami…in First Class. Guess being unemployed hasn’t hit that hard yet.

- Prince Royce spotted Tuesday night at E11EVEN Miami hanging low key by the bar with two friends enjoying a bottle of vodka. Later in the night, he and his buddies moved to a VIP table and started popping bottles of champagne in the party pit until the wee hours of the morning.

- Enrique Iglesias getting some much needed rest in the Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons in Mexico City. Fans surrounded his hotel but security was able to get him in and out without any problem. And no drones in sight.

- Nacho, of Chino y Nacho, inviting VIPs to his new restaurant Omertà in Doral, FL. Guests enjoyed tastings of signature tapas and cocktails.

- J Alvarez finally taking time off from his European tour to just be a tourist in Belgium.

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