Pablo Padula.jpgPablo Padula, an ex Univision reporter, has written a book with juicy details about the network and its stars. In Secretos de Impacto, Pablo claims:

  • That Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos supposedly did not get along at all.
  • That Raul De Molina’s ego grew when he got his own show, El Gordo y La Flaca.
  • That Univision refused to put blacks on the air, until they were faced with a possible lawsuit so they decided to change their ways.
  • That everything Mexican is given priority at the network.
  • That Univision keeps on paying Myrka Dellanos a high salary even though she has only done two shows since leaving Primer Impacto a few years back – just so that she won’t go work for Telemundo.

We can’t say much because we weren’t there, but every Latin Gossip reader knows that here we speak the truth whether it hurts or not.

This time, we have to say that we have met Raul De Molina and he is nothing but a kind true gentleman. We think Univision can do a better job of hiring black journalists. We thought Univision gave everything Cuban a priority, so we’re not sure about the Mexican claim.

So, do you believe what Pablo has to say or not?

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