6BF8E752-7A7C-44CE-B2BE-D6AD68E8F71AWhat was supposed to be a day to celebrate their love and union of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez was overshadowed by the issues between the Rivera family and the media who was trying to cover the event.

Telemundo was the only outlet that was officially invited to the event, but of course, many others showed up to try to get images of the wedding and cover the story.

Some people claim that the reporters and journalists who were not affiliated with Telemundo were not welcomed because the exclusive was sold to the network.Rodner Figueroa and Jessica Maldonado were among the very few were actually at the church and the party.

Even before the bride’s arrival to the church, things quickly turned ugly.

Juan Rivera gave our Raúl de Molina’s the day before the ceremony out of anger because El Gordo y La Flaca shared the invitation that included when and where it would be taking place.

The day of the wedding, reporters claimed that they were violently attacked by the security hired to keep them out.

David Valadez, reporter of El Gordo y la Flaca, accused one of the security guards of attacking his cameraman, pushing him to the road where he was almost ran over by a car, making him fall to the ground and then going over to spit on him. Three of the guards were arrested, including one who Davis says was carrying a firearm without a license to do so.

Another journalist who was present, Mariana Gagliardi, said, “Para los que preguntan, después de 30 empujones, escupidas, hasta ser amenazados con un arma y tener que correr una milla para llamar al 911, estamos bien…madreados. Resultados de una boda…”

Many members of the media showed their solidarity with their colleagues calling what happened unacceptable and asking for more respect towards them and their profession.

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