paulina+garciaPaulina Garcia Robles is saying keep her out of it!

She has been pointed out as the ‘other woman’ that former soccer player-turned-sports commentator Luis Roberto Alves, AKA Zague, sent a XXX video to.

In case you didn’t know, a few days ago a leaked video of Zague in the nude became viral. He shot the video in front of a mirror and talked seductively to the person it was supposed to go to…which, according to sources, was not his wife.

“TVNotas” reported that Paulina was the person on the other end of the sexting – but she says nope.

Her reps sent out a statement to give her side. It said “A raíz de la nota que apareció esta mañana en la revista TVNotas, desmentimos de manera categórica las imputaciones difamatorias que se han realizado en contra de la conductora Paulina García”, inicia el mensaje…Dicha publicación ha afectado de manera importante la reputación e imagen de Paulina García y atribulado sin razón alguna a su familia, por lo que llegaremos hasta las últimas consecuencias”.

The TV host refuses to speak about this any further right now.

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