Someone is not happy!

Nancy Alvarez, host of Univision’s Quien Tiene La Razon, was given a not so pleasant surprise when her show was suddenly pulled off the air on Fridays.

The network will air an additional hour of Despierta America with Chiquinquirá Delgado instead.
TVyNovelas caught up with Nancy and asked her straight up how she feels.

How do you feel to be taken off the air and replaced by Chiquinquirá Delgado’s show?
“I got mad, because nobody told me anything. I found out on the street and later from a press release for Chiquinquirá. I figured that since the ratings for Despierta America are kind of weak, that this is a strategy to bring them up, but they continued to do it into March so I have asked to have a meeting with the president of the network next week.”

Did it bother you that they took you off the air on Fridays without letting you know?
“I think it’s disrespectul, because I wasn’t told, my producers weren’t told either. That’s why I asked for a meeting, because I want to know what happened.”

Will you quit?
“I can’t quit because they are not my bosses, Venevision Internacional is. My contract is until 2012, and I am not just seen in the United States, I’m seen worldwide. I have an audience for which I will continue working for. If this continues in 2012, I will definitely make drastic decisions.”

She sounds pissed but this is not going to sit well with Univision execs.

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