john.jpgMaria Conchita Alonso has sent us a message about her political views and her support of John McCain.

It’s a long read, but it’s always good to hear others out…even if you don’t necessarily agree.

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Because I believe in this country and its people. Because I believe that there is no need for change, instead we need to fix the problems that need and should be fixed. Because I am convinced that John McCain won’t give us the same of what we lived through and suffered through with the Bush administration. Because I am setting aside my fear that I lived in other countries in which if I was to express my point of view I would run the risk of losing opportunities in my career, just as I have been warned by several colleagues here in the United States, “What if you don’t get offered any more roles in Hollywood for expressing yourself?”. That is why today as a new citizen of The United States and a Hispanic forever, I find myself obliged to take a stand against the imminent danger of supporting populist changes that could end up becoming a true deterioration far from the improvements that are needed in the country.

In my case, I have lived and experienced it twice. It is not too late to save this country from socialism. When countries like Cuba, Venezuela and other known enemies of The Unites States have admitted that they would like Mr. O to win, or when he has mentioned that he would sit down to negotiate with people who are impossible to negotiate with because it is not their nature, because they are leaders that have spread hate, as well as hurt democracy, freedom, and human rights for years, these actions reflect an intolerable ignorance about Latin America and the political processes and alliances that characterize the region today. Perhaps that is why Mr. O has NEVER stepped foot in Latin America, he hasn’t seen the realities of our neighboring countries and hasn’t understood our idiosyncrasies, which simply cannot be explained by advisors.

Analyzing these facts and knowing that our Hispanic brothers that live in this free country will vote for Mr. O, because of the weaknesses and grave mistakes of the current administration, motivated me, even though I am an independent and am not affiliated with any political party, to announce who I will be voting for on November 4.

My vote will be for Senator John McCain!

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