Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho and his attorney have released a statement after he turned himself over to the authorities for supposedly beating his child.

It reads:

“Mr. Camacho immediately and voluntarily reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s department when he learned that a complaint had been filed against him regarding a domestic dispute that occurred over one year ago. A family dispute took place at the home of Mr. Camacho’s children and a neighbor called the police when the dispute entailed yelling outside of the home. The police arrived at the home, but did not at that time file a complaint, nor did they arrest Mr. Camacho. Additionally no injuries were noted at that time and there was no request for medical treatment. However, sometime after leaving the home, the complaint was filed alleging the actions against Mr. Camacho’s teen age son. Mr. Camacho only recently learned of the complaint and accordingly voluntarily reported to officials so that this matter can be resolved. He maintains a good relationship with his sons and all would like to put this matter behind.”

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