• Jennifer Peña1.jpgJennifer Peña was born on September 17, 1983 in San Antonio, Texas. She is a Mexican-American chica who got her big break after singing at a tribute for Selena in 1995. She was soon after signed on to Q Productions, Abraham Quintanilla’s (Selena’s father) company.
  • Jennifer Peña 2.jpgShe has released a couple of albums that have not been blockbuster hits but have earned her a few award nominations and wins. She is currently signed with Univision Musica.
  • Jennifer Peña and Obie1.jpgDating Obie Bermudez, she found some drama when her ex-boyfriend and a couple of his bandmates unfairly ganged up on Obie to beat him up. Eventually, that chisme faded away and unfortunately so did Jennifer.
  • Jennifer Peña 4.jpgShe most recently starred in All You’ve Got, but she didn’t really get to demonstrate all she’s got. Jennifer had a good thing going for her a couple of years back. With the right producers and managers she can get back on top and eventually be successful in both English and Spanish markets.

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